It’s s-no-w joke!

It’s s-no-w joke!

What is it about the first day of the Spring semester and the weather? Today rain, thunder, lightning and snow greeted students on the long walk up or down to school. The magnificent Himalayan environment in which we live and work was all the more stunning with a light covering of powder snow. We are so lucky to live here and on days like today it is reinforced. The students piled on extra sweaters and everyone, no matter how cold they were, enjoyed the sight that greeted them this morning.

On Tuesday at the senior school opening assembly students were encouraged to make good choices during the upcoming semester, and think about things that are good, honourable and true.

The Student Council showed a quirky video to welcome new Principal Dr Jonathan Long, while Hostel dorm parents Aditya Manral and Prateek Santram serenaded students with a song by a Sufi poet.

Academic Dean Amy Seefeldt outlined the school’s new 2020 vision, and stressed the desired learning outcomes applied both to staff and students.

She likened students to trees who would produce fruit rooted in a character full of integrity, openness and humility.

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