Motorbike ride through the hills!

Motorbike ride through the hills!

On October 10, 2022 three alumni made the most of a clear and beautiful day on the hillside together by taking a bike tour around Nag Tibba. One alum was making one of many return visits to campus to shoot promotional videos for the school. Another alum joined team Woodstock twenty years after graduating in 2000. And the third alum came back to the hillside in May of 2022 to join team Woodstock after being away for 35 years. 

Alex Manton ‘84, Woodstock Director of Admissions Vidur Kapur ‘00, and Woodstock Director of Communications Kenton Beachy ‘78 took to the road early that Saturday morning and completed the 225 km circuit around Nag Tibba in 11.5 hours.   


“It was a perfect opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Himalaya, reconnect with my love for road touring, and build alumni friendships,” says Kenton. “We encountered breath-taking scenery on the crystal-clear day on which you could see for miles across the mountain ranges. Some very nice roads along with some quite rugged roads kept us ultra-focused on the day’s riding. Stops for chai and roti with eggs at different points along the way replenished our energy and provided ample opportunity for swapping stories and getting to know each other better.” 

Vidur was glad to join the ride. “It was the first ride of the season for me,” he says. It was incredible to be out with good company while enjoying the landscape. For me, the trip was a reminder of how great it is to live here and how the mountains and the people continue to impact me in such amazing ways. 

The journey, which included spectacular views of the Bander Punch Range and the Yamuna River Valley, inspired awe and gratitude – as well as the desire to take to the local roads again as soon as possible. 

“The dark along Tehri Road on the last leg of the day’s ride offered a perfect ending to a perfect day,” Kenton attests. “You know you’re hooked on riding in the Himalaya when no sooner do you finish the ride than you’re planning the next one!” 

For Kenton the next trip is his upcoming Woodstock-to-Goa-and-back round trip tour that will raise funds for the education of Woodstock employees’ children. Click here to learn more about joining the #willymakitwillynot challenge being organised in partnership with Woodstock School’s Advancement and Alumni office. 

Advancement and Alumni Director Katie Jo Walter shares, “We’re thrilled to support this effort and are excited about the energy coming together around it! We expect the #willymakitwillynot challenge to not only bring awareness and support to our employees’ children’s educational needs but also to set the stage for future alumni bike tours in support of the school.”  

NOTE: For the past several months, the Advancement and Alumni Office has been discussing the potential for a Woodstock School Bike Tour with proceeds supporting the school. This ride has kicked those plans into high gear for a bike tour on the hillside in October 2023. If you’re interested in learning more and possibly joining, please shoot us an email! And be sure to include your phone number if you’d like to join the WS Alumni Bike Tours WhatsApp group. 

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