Planning Countdown: Day 5 – today’s question is about enhancing student experience

Planning Countdown: Day 5 – today’s question is about enhancing student experience

1.        What are the three or four extra-curricular or cross-curricular activities we should be promoting at Woodstock?

2.       In particular, how can we enhance students’ experience of the Himalayan environment?

  • Rachel V. Rao
    Posted at 16:37h, 31 August Reply

    Activity Week should definately be among the top extra & cross-curricular activities that should be continued in Woodstock. It exposes students to a wide array of possible professions. Weekly hikes for the younger students and hiking opportunities for highschool students is one way to enhance the experience of the Himalayan environment for students. Environemntal awareness week where students focus on what they can do to protect their environment is important.I also think its important to encourage students to volunteer with the not-for-profit organizations that work with villages in the hills and in Mussoorie so that they get to know the community that lives around them.

  • thenagi
    Posted at 07:04h, 15 January Reply

    for the extra curricular activities we can have 1) woodstock bi-monthly magazine(online). With journalism team from student body. They can interview woodstock community( anyone in staff , teachers, and specially alumni) , or visit any govt body or local school. I am sure there are lots of interesting local individuals around . 2) They can include interesting happening in hostel life, maybe there own lingo. It could be a nice medium for senior student to guide the juniors in there day to day life. 3) Core team of student(with keen interest in journalism) could publish there editorials.4) It could be a nice avenue for student body to express there views on national/international events.5) Guest articles can be included from anyone in woodstock community/alumni.6) Could be published in multiple languages( not such a difficult task for woodstock student body)for the science oriented students there can be a mixed science club. It could be sandbox kind of thing, where students can learn and build things. They can be provided raw material( say electronic constituent, optical stuff etc) on demand and wherever required under strict observance). Student body can create there own clubs which will continue and grow down the years. Some suggestions for such clubs are:-1) astronomy ;- can include theoretical knowledge about cosmo. Students can build there own telescope(not a big deal ), even keep on improvising that. There are lots of interesting online apps to play with.2) ameteur radio club :- Will hone there knowledge in math, science, geography. Excellent way to unleash there creative craftmanship. And there is a growing community around the world for ham-radios.3) basic robotics 4) Documentary Filmmakers Group ; with availablity of digital camera and software tools its an viable outlet for student’s creativity. another innovative activity within this category could be clay animation. Which can be worked out with woodstock’s art faculty.

  • T. Z. Chu
    Posted at 15:34h, 20 September Reply

    What happened to hiking? That used to be THE most valued extracurricular activity during our days at Woodstock.

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