Woodstock Alum, Professor John Portz visits campus

Woodstock Alum, Professor John Portz visits campus

On April 8, the Centre for Imagination hosted alumni and Fulbright-Nehru Scholar Professor John Portz at Woodstock School.  Professor Portz, Class of 1971, was at Woodstock for a year in the late 1960s as a high school student.  He visited Mr. Prateek Santram’s 9th grade Individuals and Societies class, giving an enriching lecture on International Relations, Alliances, and Diplomacy, addressing interests and goals that drive foreign policy as well as the US’ place in the scheme of global politics.  He also met with Principal Dr. Cook, Vice Principal Dr. Barnhardt, and CFI Director Jamie Williams to discuss his recent research on educational policy.

CFI Communications Intern Amaira, Gr 9, interviewed Professor Portz about his time at Woodstock:

Firstly, Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your connection to Woodstock School.

My father worked in Nepal for 2 years. I was a freshman in high school during that time and my older sister and I joined for the academic year 1967-1968.

What was your one year at Woodstock like and what are your fondest memories?

It was a great year and I consider it one of the most important years of my life. It gave me a completely different perspective of the world and was an eye opener for me at the age of 15. I was introduced to a new part of the world in a profound way and was introduced to a very diverse community and environment.

What is interesting or surprising to you about being on campus today?

It has definitely changed a lot. The physical space has changed so much, it’s great. The facilities are incredible and as I was touring the gym, some of the old pictures in the hallway show the gym in the 1930s. It looked similar to that during my years here.

Lastly, What advice would you give Woodstock students who are interested in international relations or politics?

Just take advantage of the opportunities you have here and take advantage of talking to the faculty, because they bring in different, new and diverse perspectives. They can help guide you and lead you. Also travel as much as you can and get exposure to different places.

Thank you for your visit, Professor Portz! 
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