Rest assured

Rest assured

We may well live and work in our beautiful Himalayan environment but sometimes we need a change. Staff will be jetting off around the world during the break to recharge their batteries.

Dean of Academics, Amy Seefeldt, is heading to Cambodia to visit her aunt, Dora Warren ’70, and is looking forward to the fantastic food and some relaxation.

Grade 5 teacher Pam Wiggins is heading home to Adelaide, Australia, to attend the wedding of her daughter Christen. While there Pam and her husband Craig will spend precious time with family.

Marathon runner and Head of PE, Steve Luukkonen, is at it again. He and his wife Shubhra, a teacher in junior school, will fly to Duluth, Minnesota, and Steve will compete in the Grandma’s Marathon there.

Alumni coordinator Marcus Shaw and his family are off to Thailand for some serious sleeping under beach umbrellas as is Grade 6 teacher, Ian Whiteman and his family. They are looking forward to great Thai food, snorkelling and swimming.

Grade 6’s other teacher, Kim Ferguson, is off to reunite with husband Harry in the Netherlands and is dreaming of crunchy bread and cheeses and bike riding around picturesque villages.

Communications associate Ed Beavan and his wife Kirsten, head of admissions, are off to London for that elusive English summer with Ed looking forward to that British favourite, bangers and mash. He will also watch some pre-season friendlies of his football team the mighty Southend United.

With monsoon soon to begin staff are also roaming around India. Shonila Chander is off to the Punjab for her summer holidays, where she will visit her brother and his family and her mother who is soon to turn 90.

Sareena Pun is going to Shirdi in Maharashtra on a pilgrimage with her baby daughter, while Judy Crider ’69 and Dana Crider are excited to welcome their son Andy ’02, his wife, and six wonderful grandchildren to spoil. To quote Judy they are “excited, excited, excited”.

Social media associate Marney Lewis and family are hosting Marney’s mother-in-law from Ohio and showing her the beauty of our Himalayan region.

Head of communications Pete Wildman and his wife Dot, the new middle school co-ordinator, will return to their native Liverpool to see their new grandson, before heading to Seattle for the WOSA reunion in July.

Mathematics teacher Zac Conrad, new head of social science Greg Miller, and dorm parent Devan Landseidel will link up with Woodstock alumni in Bhutan. Band teacher Lindsey Boyd is also visiting the kingdom of Bhutan.

Choir teacher Abe Okie and his wife Bethany, who teaches drama, and departing English teacher Matt Brodie and his wife Meg are travelling up to Leh in the kingdom of Ladakh to experience the stunning scenery in this part of India. They will also be joined by dorm parent Haydn Wilkins.

Chaplain Howard Wilkins and his wife Jill, who works in the health centre, have returned to Australia to visit their grandchildren.

We hope everyone will return rested and relaxed in preparation for another exciting year.

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