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26 Apr Spring Concerts – in pictures

Our Spring Concerts celebrate the amazing musical talent Woodstock students possess and what can be achieved with hard work and dedication. This year's concert season runs until Friday 27 April - you can watch the performances live and catch-up on any you've missed on our livestream. [gallery size="full" columns="1" link="file" ids="29555,29545,29601,29546,29598,29550,29583,29558,29553,29600,29562,29552,29549,29561,29556,29547,29590,29595,29557,29587,29589,29554,29551,29604,29559,29584,29560,29597,29585,29586,29603,29588,29591,29592,29594,29596,29599,29602"]  ...

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21 Sep Bang a drum

On Wednesday, Grade 6 students put on a special show for the Grade 5 class. The performance, which featured the students' own compositions, is the culmination of weeks of work. Since the start of the school year they've been honing their skills in rhythm using the djembe (African drum), wood block,...

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14 Sep Face the music

This week we had a bumper music recital, with eight students performing, alongside Woodstock staff and alumni. They are (pictured left to right) Jaekyung, violin; Suryansh, tenor; Isabella Shaw '17, cello; Ruke, piano; Yehun, violin; Mubaraq, piano; Haeun, flute; Gyeongmin, violin; and Samaira, guitar. These weekly, informal recitals are a great...

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27 Apr Spring Concert I

This semester's music week had its overture last night with the first of three Spring concerts. Wednesday's concert included performances from Beginning Choir, Junior Choir, Tiger Percussion, Beginning Strings Level 1, Beginning Band, Beginning Strings Level 2 and Junior Orchestra. [vc_row][vc_column][vc_masonry_media_grid gap="2" grid_id="vc_gid:1493289388445-12a50332-ca94-2" include="25008,25009,25010,25011,25012,25013,25014,25015,25016,25017,25018,25019,25020,25021,25022,25023,25024,25025"][/vc_column][/vc_row]  ...

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24 Mar Chapel – agents of change

This morning middle years and upper years came together for chapel, which was themed around being agents of change. Are you like a thermometer, only reflecting the environment in which you're placed, or like a thermostat, able to influence the world around you and change it for the better? The...

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09 Nov Win Mumby starts with a bang

This year's Win Mumby All India Basketball Tournament got off to a rousing start with a pep rally including a special performance from the school's Jazz Band and dance routines performed by pupils. Click here to watch live action from the tournament on our special livestream.  [vc_row][vc_column][vc_masonry_media_grid gap="2" grid_id="vc_gid:1478691978263-975ca4f8-cb9b-9" include="22417,22408,22413,22416,22414,22411,22407,22410,22409,22401,22415,22406,22405,22404,22412,22403"][/vc_column][/vc_row]...

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Lima Yanger (Via The Rolling Stones (INDIA

04 Dec Songwriter, Singer Lima Yanger (Class of 1996) Rolls Out 45 Songs for a New Release

“I couldn’t stop myself"  says vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and WS alumnus, Lima Yanger, who has worked with rock bands - Bliss Logic, Sleeping Buddha and now Duncun Rufus. Currently he is working on their second release 'The Folds Galore' which has 45 songs. Rolling Stone (India) magazine featured him recently. Read the whole article via Rolling Stone India :Back in the Game_ Duncun Rufus -...

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Upper Years Art Show

01 May April in Photos

It's been a busy month at Woodstock with lot's of photo ops.  Click on the link  below to  see  pictures of  Fundraising for Nepal where students and staff raised a substantial amount over lunch break. Spring Concert  brought us a musical collaboration with Kolkota. We also captured 'Crossing Boundaries' (a play enacted in Parson's...

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26 Mar WS Singers In New York. Nearly There.

Our  group of twenty-one singers heading to the National Festival Chorus for a concert in Lincoln Center in early April, could use your help. We are very close to our fundraising goal, but that we need about another $500 for activities and contingencies. Visa costs turned out to be $2500 more than expected,...

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