The art of dreaming

The art of dreaming

Grade eight students are drawing inspiration from within as part of a art project to explore the more surreal side of their creativity. After examining different artists from the surrealist movement, including Salvador Dali, Max Ernst and René Magritte, they are creating their own works based on their dreams and subconscious thoughts, while referencing influences from the art history they learn in class.

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” Vincent Van Gogh


“This is a really exciting exercise as it challenges students to think beyond the conventional and into the workings of their own subconscious,” says Middle years art teacher Adam Hubbard. “They’re placing themselves in the mindset of the great surrealist artists, but doing so through capturing their own thoughts and dreams. At the same time they’re drawing on influences from art history while learning to work with acrylics.”

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