This Week’s Senior Spotlight 2016

This Week’s Senior Spotlight 2016

The Class of 2016 is over owing with bright, talented and passionate students. Here are a few of their stories this week as we prepare to come to an end of the year.





@ Woodstock since 2012

Career Ambition:

I hope to work as a diplomatic lawyer and work in foreign countries on policy related affairs. As my parents work as diplomats, I have always been very intrigued by the concept of work in regions of the world that need the most help.

Where next?

I plan to study Political Science at Grinnell College in Iowa, a small liberal arts college. I chose Grinnell for its progressive values as an institution as well as it’s excellent study abroad and internship opportunities. I also really love Grinnell for it’s reputation of producing and encouraging “annoying” social activist types. I am definitely excited to start my college journey and learn and grow as a person in college. This may sound nerdy but I am most excited for the very interesting courses that I plan to take in college (there is an actual course called “Gods of Bollywood” !)

What is your most memorable Woodstock experience?

In my junior and senior year, I have been heavily involved in organising activities for both my class and the school as a whole to enjoy. I really loved planning and watching these activities and events unfold because, in addition to being a great learning experience for me, I loved watching other people have fun and enjoy events that I helped bring forth for them. For this reason, I would say that events like Sadie Hawkins, MUN, UN Day, Coachella Night, Interhouse Masterchef and others were the most memorable WS experiences for me.




@ Woodstock since 2014

Career Ambition:

I’m interested in exploring how technology can be used in business for social transformation. In my previous school, I was inspired by a teacher to explore how technology works. My involvement in CARE at Woodstock has made me interested in how to use technology to improve the lives of others.

Where next?

I will be studying Computer Science at the University of Washington in Seattle, as they have an excellent reputation in this field. I may even minor in Business. I’m most excited about interacting with a large and diverse community and exchanging ideas with people from different backgrounds

What is your most memorable Woodstock experience?

During my first activity week with Woodstock, I went to Bihar where we volunteered at a local hospital. I was overwhelmed seeing the plight of the people and comforted by the sincerity and depth of other Woodstock students.




@ Woodstock since 2011

Career Ambition:

Diplomat/worker in global organization such as the UN.

Where next?

I am still deciding between Leiden University College The Hague or Groningen University. Both are in the Netherlands and have excellent programmes and beuatiful campuses. Living in Europe is super exciting, since I love riding bicycles and traveling.

What is your most memorable Woodstock experience?

As a Woodstock student, I often feel that my experiences are very common. However, when I talk to friends who did not go to Woodstock, I realize how special these five years have been. One of the most memorable is my 11th grade activity week when my group took a 30-hour train and went to Bihar to help those in need and make a video to raise awareness. I got to watch a C-section right in front of my eyes, and also had a very shocking conversation with the grandmother of the newborn baby who told me gladly that I should take the child. I also had many memorable experiences with the music department. Perhaps my favorite experience was when I was chosen to play a solo concerto piece of Mozart with the accompany of the Advanced Orchestra. That was super fun.


  • Bernard J Cordes
    Posted at 03:24h, 19 May Reply

    Such a wonderful experience being at Woodstock. Aakriti, I’ll see you at Grinnell!

  • Nancy E Macmillan
    Posted at 01:31h, 21 August Reply

    I couldn’t be more thrilled to see a Woodstock alumna choosing Grinnell! My family lived in Grinnell from the time I was three until I was ten, and it was a wonderful place for a child to grow up. My father was a professor of philosophy and religion at the college and was also the college minister (then called the dean of the chapel).

    It was while we were in Grinnell that Dad took a year’s leave to help with famine relief in Bengal, under the auspices of the American Friends Service Committee, so in an indirect way I was introduced to India several years before I went to Woodstock. At that point we were living In what was then Rangoon, Burma, where Dad was working for the Ford Foundation.

    I’ve always felt that the many small liberal arts colleges in the Midwestern United States are underappreciated, and I’m delighted to see the attention Aakriti is bringing to one of the best by her decision to attend Grinnell. I hope her experience there is everything she anticipates and more!

    Nancy (Everton) Macmillan
    Woodstock class of 1956

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