Welcome to Woodstock – new staff arrive

Welcome to Woodstock – new staff arrive

New staff from Taiwan, England, America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia together with staff from India join Woodstock this semester.

The new staff list for 2012 sees roles including a chief operating officer, piano teacher, outdoor education instructor, French teacher, ESL, math, junior school, biology and physics teachers joining our current staff living in community.

Three families, two from the USA and one from Australia, will each be bringing their three school age children with them.

Woodstock continues its ongoing relationship with St Olaf’s College, Minnesota, and will be receiving two student teachers for a semester once again. Kelly (music) and Claire (science) will learn from our best teachers providing excellence in 21st education here at Woodstock.

Monsoon will greet the new staff who will undergo a three day orientation from July 17. In an innovative programme staff who have been at Woodstock for several years “buddy” the new staff even before they leave home, answering questions and being an online support for them. When the new staff arrive, their “buddies” meet them and help to settle them in, have them over for meals and introduce them to living in a diverse community such as Woodstock.

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