Woodstock is an International Baccalaureate World School!  

Woodstock is an International Baccalaureate World School!  

We’re delighted to announce that Woodstock is now officially an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, with full authorisation for both the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP). The Class of 2021 will be the first Woodstock students to graduate with both an American High School Diploma and the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Woodstock joins a growing movement of more than 5,000 schools in 156 countries that offer at least one of the IB programme, including nearly 1,000 in the Asia Pacific region.

“We’re absolutely delighted to receive full authorisation from the IB,” says Ethan Van Drunen, Vice Principal. “The IB’s philosophy is perfectly alighted with Woodstock’s own. It encourages students to think independently and drive their own learning, develop their cultural awareness, and grow as global citizens, equipped to engage with people in an increasingly globalised, rapidly changing world.”

In its report on Woodstock’s accreditation, the IB noted a number of areas deserving of special commendation. These included embedding international mindedness and the IB learner profile throughout the school and our diverse stakeholder groups, and our commitment to developing an inclusive learning environment. The wide variety of subjects offered at DP level and the importance on language learning, including mother tongue, was commended. The Centre for Imagination was described as “CFI a very unique initiative of the school and worthy of commendation”, and the library as “a hub for students and teachers to collaborate, work independently and access diverse resources”. They also stated that “the school places considerable emphasis on creating an environment to support human commonality, diversity and welcome multiple perspectives”.

There has been a huge amount of effort to receive this endorsement from the IB, and both staff and students alike have played a crucial part in our receiving accreditation. As the 2019-2020 academic year draws to an end, this welcome news puts us in good stead for the future.

  • J.k.gilotra
    Posted at 19:35h, 18 November Reply

    my son is in class 8.. when i can admitted him in yr hostel

  • Dala Ram
    Posted at 10:19h, 12 February Reply

    क्या वुडस्टॉक में एडमिशन 1क्लास से हो जाता है

    • Will Ferguson
      Posted at 10:00h, 14 February Reply

      Students can join Woodstock from Grade 6, or around 11 years old.

  • Manasvi Sharma
    Posted at 16:48h, 20 June Reply

    Does woodstock have IGCSE? A and AS levels

    • Will Ferguson
      Posted at 11:30h, 01 July Reply

      Hi Manasvi, Thanks for your question. No, as an International Baccalaureate school we offer the IB Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme, which are equivalent to IGCSEs and A-Levels.

  • Mamta shah
    Posted at 19:02h, 01 October Reply

    Hi I would like to have an insight on the admission process for the ibdp program starting 2021

  • Aqsha Rahman
    Posted at 11:01h, 10 December Reply

    Are students given the right to choose their stream in class 9 ?

  • Nidhi
    Posted at 17:47h, 20 December Reply

    Hi Will

    I want to apply as a Faculty in German Language in Woodstock School. Is German taught as a subject?

    • Will Ferguson
      Posted at 12:31h, 31 December Reply

      Hi Nidhi,

      German is not one of the key additional languages taught at Woodstock, which are French, Spanish, Hindi and Korean. You can find out more about working at Woodstock and our current vacancies here: https://www.woodstockschool.in/careers/

      All the best

  • MK Pal
    Posted at 18:09h, 23 January Reply

    Hi. Will your school give admission to Grade 12 & 10 on 01/01/2023 (second semester)

    • Will Ferguson
      Posted at 10:04h, 04 February Reply

      Hi, thanks for your message. Some students do join us in the Spring Semester, but the majority start in August. It would be very unusual for a Grade 12 student to join in January, as they would only have a few months left. A lot depends on whether they are already studying the IB curriculum, as if their existing course selection is compatible with the courses we offer. 2023 is still a long way off. They best thing to do is email our Admissions team at admissions@woodstock.ac.in who can discuss the options with you.

  • Anjali Tewari
    Posted at 17:39h, 15 March Reply

    Hi! Wanted to know about the primary curriculum at Woodstock.

    • Will Ferguson
      Posted at 12:43h, 28 March Reply

      Thanks for your enquiry. The primary programme at Woodstock is only for staff children. Boarding school starts for students in Grade 6.

  • Ruchika
    Posted at 23:03h, 06 April Reply

    Hey !
    Well if my kid wants to give the NEET exams, will she be eligible to sit for the exams without losing a year ?

    • Will Ferguson
      Posted at 14:34h, 09 April Reply

      Thanks for your message. It is possible in theory, but would be very challenging, and most students opt to take a year to prepare for the NEET exams following their IBDP.

  • Meenu pawar
    Posted at 12:38h, 28 April Reply

    Good morning. Greetings Fron Kenya . I’m interested in applying for grade 9 for my daughter . Just want to know if there’s any possibility of school starting in physical space this aug ?? I would prefer if it is online this year because of the current situation not in physical space . Do let me know ..

    Kind regards

  • Mukesh Katira
    Posted at 12:56h, 09 May Reply

    Loking for a teaching job for teaching secondary mathematics. Could not get your email

  • Ekaraj
    Posted at 21:45h, 26 June Reply

    Can I apply for grade 11 for IB curriculum

  • pradeep
    Posted at 10:10h, 02 October Reply

    Are students given the right to choose their stream in class 9 ?

    • Will Ferguson
      Posted at 15:15h, 22 November Reply

      Students can choose some subjects within the MYP framework, although some subjects are required by all students.

  • Mohamed Rabea fathi
    Posted at 21:45h, 17 October Reply

    Hello I’m Mohamed Rabea fathi hamed iam from in Egypt i want enterBACCALAUREATE and I want scholarship what I do

    • Will Ferguson
      Posted at 15:18h, 22 November Reply

      Hi Mohamed, good to hear you’d like to go to school here. You can find out more information on our financial aid scheme here: https://www.woodstockschool.in/fees/

  • ugbaad
    Posted at 09:32h, 15 January Reply

    my goal is to join woodstockschool one day

  • ugbaad
    Posted at 09:32h, 15 January Reply

    my goal is to join this school one day

  • pradeep
    Posted at 14:13h, 17 January Reply

    thank you for the information

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