Woodstock to be featured on Indian TV

Woodstock to be featured on Indian TV

Do you ever reminisce about rice and dal at Woodstock? Have you ever driven miles to find Wai Wai or Maggi to satisfy your school noodle nostalgia?

Do you have fond memories of the greasy Tibetan noodles and teardrops served up in the Woodstock dining room? Does a whiff of sloppy joes or momos transport you back to your school days?

If yes then why not re-live your memories of food at Woodstock on the small screen when the school is featured on the popular food programme Highway On My Plate on Sunday July 8 at 8pm, on NDTV Good Times.

See how far the school’s food has come and what Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma, the show’s charismatic presenters, who have spent countless hours traversing India tasting foods in all corners of the nation, made of the school’s haute cuisine when they visited in late April.

The programme is part of the latest series of the show which sees Rocky and Mayur visiting schools and university canteens across the country. They also visited Doon School and Welham Girls’ in Dehradun, and St George’s in Mussoorie.

The well-known pair received a warm Woodstock welcome and seemed to be very impressed by the campus and the lunch served that day.

They sat in on a meeting of the student menu committee, were entertained by the jazz band during lunchtime, and spent time interviewing principal Dr Jonathan Long.

If you are in India why not get together with other members of the Woodstock community to watch the show live?

If you are based overseas, you can still see the show after Sunday’s broadcast at the show’s website here. Why not organise a reunion with other alumni and watch the show together over some rice and dal?

Highway On My Plate, July 8 at 8pm, NDTV Good Times

Watch Highway On My Plate on a previous visit to Mussoorie, including sampling food at Char Dukhan, in archive videos section here

Watch a slideshow of Rocky and Mayur’s visit to Woodstock below:


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