GAIL Conference 2023 in New Zealand

GAIL Conference 2023 in New Zealand

The recent weeklong GAIL Conference, centered on diversity and hosted by Kristin School in Auckland, New Zealand, welcomed 10 student delegates from each school, including Woodstock and its three adult chaperones.


All eight GAIL schools representing various regions worldwide participated in a weeklong conference hosted by Kristin School. This conference also served as a unique opportunity for the heads of GAIL schools to gather and collaborate on shaping the future of GAIL.

The conference offered an exceptional platform for our students to connect with peers from across the globe. This experience was particularly successful as it not only fostered strong bonds among students but also encouraged them to engage in meaningful dialogues related to the theme of diversity. The students delved into the theme, sharing their unique perspectives and insights, which they later presented on the final day of the conference. This has undoubtedly been a life-changing experience for our 10 students, and I’m confident that similar opportunities will be available for our students through the remarkable GAIL network in the future.

Devyani, from Grade 11 and one of the student delegates on the trip says “The GAIL 2023 in New Zealand was not just a conference; it was an invaluable experience. For me, it was the opportunity where engaging with diverse perspectives felt like unlocking new dimensions. We immersed ourselves into Maori Culture, built on our own values and shaped each other’s views. The focus on diversity spoke for itself as every one of us was able to interact with someone from each corner of the world.”



The Woodstock delegation included Dr. Cook, Jamie Williams, MYP Coordinator and Teacher Imtiaz Rai, Head of Libraries Agustin Silvadiaz, and Ady Manral, GAIL Champion and Alumni Relations Manager.

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