Productive praise and constructive criticism  

Productive praise and constructive criticism  

An integral part of the artist’s craft is the ability to explain the thoughts and decisions behind your work. Equally you should be able to constructively appraise and appreciate the work of others. But it’s not always easy to stand before your peers and discuss what you’ve done, particularly when the work comes from the heart. Our upper years art students have to do just that as part of an artistic critique. Having designed album artwork for an artist of their choice, they had to talk through their creative process and answer questions from their fellow students, as part of a two-way exchange of ideas from which everyone can learn and develop their talent.

Saksham was one of the first round of students to have to take the plunge and share his work with the rest of the class.

“Initially when I was called up to present my piece I was scared but once the introduction was out of the way and it was more Q&A like I felt quite comfortable,” says Saksham. “Furthermore after I was done I realised that having to put everything into words made me understand my method better than I did before.”

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