Yes! I want to support Employee Children’s Education at Woodstock School by pledging toward #willymakitwillynot, Kenton ‘78’s fundraising bike tour!

Yes! I want to support Employee Children’s Education at Woodstock School by pledging toward #willymakitwillynot, Kenton ‘78’s fundraising bike tour!

During the upcoming Winter Break, Woodstock’s Director of Communications Kenton Beachy Class of ‘78 plans a 4,600 km (2,860 miles) motorcycle trek from Woodstock School to Goa and back December 27 thru January 18. He realised this would be a perfect opportunity to run a challenge fundraiser in support of the Woodstock Employees’ Children’s Education Fund in association with Woodstock’s Advancement and Alumni Relations Office, Friends of Woodstock School in the U.S., and Canadian Friends of Woodstock School in Canada.   

The Woodstock Employees’ Children’s Education Fund provides scholarship support in addition to Woodstock’s standard employee benefit of Rs 20,000 per child. The Fund supports the overall aspirational endeavours of Woodstock’s employees who work in estates, security, food services, etc. to provide the best education possible for their children. Based on both merit and need, the Fund helps employees cover the additional costs beyond their regular educational benefit from Woodstock in order for their children to attend higher-quality primary and secondary schools, paving the way for ever-greater academic support and achievement as well as upward economic mobility for their entire families.

You can learn more about the Fund here and watch the video about the ride and those it will benefit here.

Kenton plans to document his travels via the Woodstock Alumni Instagram account so that you can follow along. Pledges can be made either per kilometre completed or by a flat donation amount.  We’re having intermittent trouble with the following form. If you don’t get an immediate email response to your form submission, please try again later. Thanks!

    Yes! I want to pledge my support for Kenton ‘78’s bike tour in support of Employees’ Children’s Education at Woodstock School! #willymakitwillynot 

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    Kenton joined the Woodstock staff seven months ago. He and his three siblings attended Woodstock – John Allen Beachy ’60, Cheryl Jo (Beachy) Paulovich ’69, and Lynette (Beachy) Bauman ’76.

    He’s taken up motorbiking on his 2022 Bajaj Dominar 400 as an avid interest since joining Woodstock. In his younger years he rode cross country a lot in the U.S. and has completed a few rides locally, including the full day Nag Tibba circuit ride with Alex Manton ‘84 and Vidur Kapur ‘00 in October (see the article here).  He’s calling the challenge #willymakitwillynot because 4,600 km in 23 days will be a gruelling ride but is one he certainly expects to complete! 

    Please join our growing list of sponsors:

    Name Pledge Total
    Dr Craig Cook USD 200 USD 200
    Maggie Hallet USD 50 USD 50
    Vidur Kapur INR 10,000 INR 10,000
    John Beachy USD .05/km USD 230
    DeAnna Hall USD .01/km USD 46
    Lauren Greenberg USD 70 USD 70
    Shailesh Garg INR 2/km up to INR 10,000 INR 10,000
    Katie Jo Walter INR 1/km INR 4,600
    Dr Brad Barnhardt INR 1/km INR 4,600
    Imtiaz Rai INR 1/km INR 4,600
    Vimmi Dang INR 1/km INR 4,600
    Marcus and Fabiola Shaw USD 200 USD 200
    Towseef Ayaz Khan INR 2,000 INR 2,000
    Cheryl Jo Beachy USD 280 USD 280
    John E Whitcomb USD 500 USD 500
    Bruce Davis USD 500 USD 500
    Preeti Roongta INR 10,000 INR 10,000
    Lois Kniss INR 2/km INR 9,200
    Max Marble INR 2/km INR 9,200
    Rob Swartz USD 50 USD 50
    Rachel Wyon INR 1/km INR 4,600
    Kathleen Hawthorne INR 2/km INR 9,200
    Anonymous USD 200 USD 200
    Tanya Garg INR 1/km INR 4,600
    Sumana DasGupta Bhasin INR 2,000 INR 2,000
    Nandita Amin INR 10,009 INR 10,009
    Beverly Harp INR 1/km INR 4,600
    Jesal Parikh INR 1/km INR 4,600
    Jonathan Seefeldt INR 1/km INR 4,600
    Priya Kapoor INR 1/km INR 4,600
    Alex Manton USD 280 USD 280
    Rahul Amin Will match amount raised


    The trip started on December 27 – watch here for updates!

    Anyone interested in biking any leg of the journey with Kenton contact him at or 705-501-3332. 

    The Route: 23 Days – 4,600 km – 1 Woodstock alum and his Dominar 400!



    • Dec 27: Woodstock to Delhi – Actual 303 km
    • Jan 1: Delhi to Jaipur – Actual 300 km
    • Jan 3: Jaipur to Udaipur – Actual 414 km
    • Jan 4: Udaipur to Vadodara – Actual 355 km (overnight guest of Rahul Amin, Class of ’71 and former Woodstock Board Member)
    • Jan 5: Vadodara to Mumbai – Actual 439  km
    • Jan 7: Mumbai to Ratnagiri – Actual 370 km
    • Jan 8: Ratnagiri to Goa – Actual 269 km (rode with Vidur Kapur Class of ’00 and Woodstock Director of Admissions)

    ...and back

    ...and back

    • Jan 12: Goa to Ratnagiri – Actual 265 km
    • Jan 13: Ratnagiri to Mumbai – Actual 378 km
    • Jan 14: Mumbai to Vadodara – Actual 401 km (overnight guest of Rahul Amin)
    • Jan 15: Vadodara to Udaipur – Actual 344 km
    • Jan 16: Udaipur to Jaipur – Actual 417 km
    • Jan 17: Jaipur to Karnal – Actual 399 km
    • Jan 18: Karnal to Woodstock – Actual 193 km (home!)

    • Cheryl J Paulovich
      Posted at 10:31h, 19 December Reply

      We’ll be with you every km of the road! Be safe!

    • Cheryl J Paulovich
      Posted at 10:33h, 19 December Reply

      We’re looking forward to your videos and stories. Have fun!

    • Cheryl J Paulovich
      Posted at 10:35h, 19 December Reply

      Ride on dear brother, exploring and experiencing this great country of our birth!

    • Kenton Beachy
      Posted at 18:29h, 24 December Reply

      Thank you, sis! 😎

    • Max Marble
      Posted at 09:52h, 29 December Reply

      What a wonderful idea and adventure. I would love to be on the ride. Having received my license in Dehra Dun, I started motorcycling my Senior at Woodstock. I was only 17 at the time, and that is another story. I was truthful about my age.

      I am looking forward to following you, Kenton. God speed. Love the video you did a while back.

    • Katie Jo Walter
      Posted at 13:29h, 30 December Reply

      Excited to see your stories, Kenton! Thanks again for creating this opportunity to spread awareness and encourage giving to Employees’ Children’s Education!

    • Sumana Bhasin
      Posted at 17:27h, 02 January Reply

      A fantastic initiative for our people in Woodstock who take care of us daily!

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