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Education Matters


10 Apr An All Fired Up Chem Class!

An experiment that's about igniting minds. Don't quite bond with Chemistry? But then, if you have a teacher like Sonya Crider you, might find the drawing power of chemistry a little hard to resist. After answering some AP Chemistry free response styled questions, Sonya's Grade 12 students get the privilege to conduct a pretty awesome demo with bubble-trapped-gas as...

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10 Apr Teacher Spotlight: Shonila Chander

Every Friday we will be highlighting one of our truly amazing teachers. This week the spotlight falls on economics teacher, Shonila Chander. Where are you from? Punjab What courses do you teach? Presently only AP Economics. Over the years I have taught, IGCSE Economics, Indian History, Sociology, Asian Studies, Middle Eastern Studies and Religions...

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06 Apr Teacher Spotlight: Larry Kaplan

Every Friday we will be highlighting one of our truly amazing teachers. This week the spotlight falls on math teacher Larry Kaplan. Where are you from? Bethlehem, New Hampshire, USA. Population 2000 (approximately) What courses do you teach? I teach Algebra 2, Statistics and AP Statistics. I also serve as the Head of Department...

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24 Mar Suheil Tandon’06: Making Hope A Reality For The Tribal Children Of Odisha

Since 2010, Suheil, Founder and Director, Pro Sport Development has been running a sports initiative for tribal youth in rural Odisha (India), far from the comforts of his home in New Delhi. He works to  promote a sporting culture at the grass root level, provides sports coaching , training facilities and opportunities for motivated youth to excel through...

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WS Alumni

13 Mar Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Woodstock. Right Here.

Tashi Delek Bhutan! Mrs Sue Long,  Dr  Jonathan Long and Marcus Shaw visited Bhutan recently and returned enriched by the experience after meeting alumni and prospective parents. In an extensive, heart-heart interview with Dawai Kuldroen of Bhutan Broadcasting Service, Dr Long divulges everything you ever wanted to know about Woodstock. Listen to it here: http://bit.ly/DrLongBhutaninterview (viaBBC) "Woodstock is...

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17 Feb Woodstock Recieves High Marks from MSA

Woodstock receives its accreditation from The Middle States Associations of Colleges and Schools Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools, or MSA for short. In December, we submitted an extensive mid-term report for their consideration. Today we received a letter from MSA expressing their confidence in Woodstock's progress. “The change, growth and improvement...

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