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Education Matters

Woodstock student participating in activity week

30 Sep Growing roots and wings

Several times recently different people have forwarded me the following TED Talk by Julie Lythcott-Haims - academic, author and the former Dean of Freshmen at Stanford: [embed width="600" height="480"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Nd2ORQOSfw[/embed] It’s a great talk – and I recommend it. Her latest book, “How to Raise an Adult”. Lythcott-Haines makes a powerful case against parents...

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Woodstock Students at an international college fair

22 Sep World of opportunity

Our largest college fair of the year saw 31 higher education institutions visiting from a diverse range of countries including the UK, Canada, Ireland, India, Switzerland and the USA. In addition we were joined by a number of international educational institutions with campuses ranging from Sydney to Singapore and Shanghai. Access...

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Children at Woodstock School

22 Sep Cultivating emotional connectedness

Fascinating research published by the American Medical Association reports the results of a survey on over 90,000 teenagers – one of the largest ever carried out. The research concluded that ‘emotional connectedness’ was the single most significant factor in protecting young people from emotional distress, violent behaviour, substance abuse and...

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Woodstock girls win the inter-school five-a-side competition

13 Sep Back of the net!

Woodstock's senior girls' football team beat strong competition to win the inter-school five-a-side competition. There was a high standard of play and sportsmanship from all the schools who took part; Guru Nanak School, Mussoorie Public School, Hopetown Girls School, Manava Bharati School, Oak Grove School, Wynberg Allen and Woodstock. Woodstock...

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08 Sep The art of dreaming

Grade eight students are drawing inspiration from within as part of a art project to explore the more surreal side of their creativity. After examining different artists from the surrealist movement, including Salvador Dali, Max Ernst and René Magritte, they are creating their own works based on their dreams and subconscious...

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