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A core belief at the Centre for Imagination is that collaboration across a network of institutions has the potential to release powerful creativity leading to meaningful innovation. Through partnering with professionals, organisations, and educational institutions, we create an environment where institutions can collaborate imaginatively with Woodstock students to complete projects, pursue inquiries, and solve problems.



Schumacher College

Based in Totnes, UK, Schumacher College is one of the world’s learning innovative educational institutions, working to help shape a more resilient, equal and sustainable world.


In March 2018, eight masters students and two accompanying Professors from Schumacher 

College visited the Centre for Imagination to conduct fieldwork around the Woodstock campus as part of their masters degree in Ecological Design Thinking. The group engaged in a variety of projects working alongside staff and students to explore how the environmental and social wellbeing of the school can be improved and how the principles of the school can be better embodied and manifested in daily life. 


  • A energy flow map of the campus, which can be used by students and staff to explore the relationships of various elements in the water, energy, heating and waste systems of the school.
  • The framework for a student safety committee that strives to  positively impact include safety for female students, support and appropriate handling of people have have been bullied, harassment, safe spaces and confidential circles of support.
  • Participatory research relating to wellbeing in regard to student dorm life at Woodstock; and what environmental and social aspects of the spaces can be nuanced to improve student residential life.
  • Interactive inquiries on how Woodstock’s Guiding Principles can be be better embodied and upheld by members of the community


The students were accompanied by their two professors Mona Nasseri and Roberto Fraquelli, both internationally acclaimed design specialists. Mona’s research focuses on human transformation and change as bio-socio cultural beings, while Roberto is an expert in the area of holistic design, and how humans can balance economic growth with empathy to all living systems.

Yale University Educational Studies Program

During the 2018-2019 school year, the Centre will be hosting an intern who recently graduated from the Yale University Education Studies Program, to investigate the effective integration of minorities in mainstream schools. She will be followed in May 2019 by an extended visit from the Director of the Yale University Education Studies Program.

University of British Columbia Department of Education

Each spring, the Centre welcomes two short-term student-teaching interns from the University of British Columbia’s Department of Education. This is a field experience designed to give those training as teachers a sense of what innovations are emerging around the world that are shifting the current educational paradigm.

Growing a Network of Schools Committed to Innovation Within India

The Centre also regularly collaborates with Mind Mingle and EduExellence, two leading organisations devoted to promoting innovative education and experiential learning within India. Both organisations arrange tours to a variety of institutions for educational leaders committed to innovation, as well as conduct conferences where professionals can share new ideas and innovative practices, at which the Centre is regularly invited to present. 

Collaborate with us


The Centre is continuously seeking individuals,, alumni, and professional or educational groups interested in partnering to develop a network in which learning and personal growth manifests in both the student and the educator.


Going forward, the CFI is eager to foster relationships with the following:


  • Individuals who want to volunteer with the Centre and share their expertise to empower young people.
  • Peer Schools looking for innovative ways to better prepare young people for work and life.
  • University initiatives related to leadership, global understanding, and shaping a sustainable future. 
  • Non governmental organisations dedicated to transformative learning and innovative educational philosophies.
  • Scholars looking for short sabbatical or research periods, who want to share their expertise and supplement their learning with teaching.
  • Social entrepreneurs who want to transform the world through working with young people, emphasising innovation and creative problem-solving in the modern world.
  • Professionals working in any field who wish to connect with and mentor young people who share their passion and vision.
  • Donor individuals or philanthropic organisations who want to provide material support for passionate students looking for resources to pursue a specific project or inquiry.


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