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Woodstock alumnus Amy Seefeldt worked as an educator for eighteen years, starting out as a history teacher in Atlanta, Georgia and joining the faculty of Woodstock School in 2008. For six years, from 2010 to 2016, in her capacity as Academic Dean and Deputy Head, Amy worked to preserve what is best about Woodstock School, while infusing the academic programme with new energy, driven by a vision of education as an organic process aimed at enabling and equipping a young person to stand with confidence, integrity, and a sense of profound vocation  -even in a world of continuous change. After earning a Master’s degree in Ecological Design Thinking, Amy returned to Woodstock as the Centre for Imagination’s founding director, opening the Centre in October, 2016. In June 2020 Amy moved onto new challenges in South America.

Resident Interns


We welcome applications from young adults ages 18-25 looking for an opportunity to grow and gain work experience in a start-up environment. By utilising their interests and skill sets to serve the current needs of of the Centre, interns have the opportunity to make a vital contribution to educational experiences of other young people.


Tomas Forman, a gap year student from the United States, joined the Centre for Imagination during the winter and spring of 2018. Click here to read about his time in India, his work at the Centre and the impact it has had on him.

CFI Resident Intern Tomas Forman

Student Interns


Through the vision of learning by doing, we offer a wide range of internships that allow students to experience the world of work as they practice and develop skills in a field that interests them. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Communications and social media– promoting the vision and work of the Centre though a variety of platforms.
  • Hosting and event planning– hosting and working closely with visitors to the Centre, as well as planning, advertising, and helping with events hosted by the Centre.
  • Graphic design– Developing and designing the public interface of the Centre.
  • Interior design– Brainstorming, designing, and creating a productive, unique, and functional space within the Centre.


Residents at the Centre live at Woodstock for between three and six weeks, working within the CFI programme as well as in classes. The longer nature of their stay allows them to work closely and bond with students, helping with PASSAGE enrichment groups, evening events at the Centre, and providing open office hours where they can act as a resource for students interested in their field.

Varun Sheel

Planetary Scientist from Physical Research Laboratory, Department of Space, Government of India

Richard Delacy

Harvard Hindi-Urdu professor specialising in the causes and effects of shifting South Asian identities.

Dr. Eleanor Nicholson

President Emeritus of the Woodstock Board and scholarly advocate for women in leadership.

John Sagan

Recently retired partner and Senior Counsel member at Mayer Brown, LLP, providing insight on how laws and lawyers impact the world we live in.



The Centre regularly invites scholars and professionals for short-term visits to speak, conduct workshops, and collaborate with students and teachers. Here are just some of the visitors we’ve been delighted to welcome to the CFI.

  • Kailash Satyarthi – Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and child labour activist
  • Satish Kumar – Peace activist, known for walking 8,000 miles to major global capitals to advocate for nuclear disarmament during the Cold War.
  • Wendy Singer – Scholar of India, professor of South Asian studies at Kenyon College.
  • Frank von Hippel – American environmental biologist and Woodstock parent.
  • Dr. Larry Last – Chemical engineer with over three decades of experience with the 3M company.
  • Mattias Glowatz – Professor at the Quinn School of Business, University College Dublin.
  • Amory Lovins – World-renowned physicist and environmental engineer and co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Intstitute.

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