Centre for Imagination – What’s next

“The transformation we propel is not constrained by the incumbents’ inertias but sped by the insurgents’ ambitions..." Amory Lovins

 Shaping the Space

Throughout the school day and into the evenings, the building sees a steady flow of students looking for a quiet, productive space where they can work independently, receive help with projects, and collaborate with other students and faculty. Additionally,  the Centre hosts classes, discussion groups, and weekly events to complement students’ learning. Existing as a bungalow for nearly 200 years, the space is being healthily stretched beyond its capacity. In the coming years, a renovation stemming from a student-designed prototype will help fully reach the potential of the facility.


Part of Woodstock’s ambitious 2020 Vision and Campus Masterplan, the Centre’s renovation plan reflects the demands of a growing a flourishing programme while providing an environment conducive to learning, creativity, and wellbeing.


The updated and renovated space will include: 

  • A well-equipped recording studio for music, podcasts, and more.
  • A video conferencing facility to allow students and faculty to collaborate and work with individual from afar.
  • A highly flexible studio space for dance, music, art, events, and more.
  • A maker space equipped to support independent student work.
  • Effective blending of indoor and outdoor spaces to allowing the natural world  to facilitate creativity.


A Growing Initiative


Located at 7,000 feet in the Himalayan foothills, within lush forests teeming with a multitude of plants, animals, and edible species, Woodstock’s campus is teeming with ecological connectedness. However, in our modern technological age and within Woodstock’s rigorous secondary school curriculum, it is easy to become isolated from our natural environment. Through an ongoing initiative taking shape over the next year, the Centre will incorporate the planting, growing, and nurturing of plants into its programme, coupled with a continuing effort to establish a deeper understanding and appreciation by students of their natural surroundings.


Community Activism 


In reflection of the current influx of awareness and activism regarding race and gender equality, LGBTQ inclusion, and issues surrounding harassment, the Centre supports students in taking a progressive and active stance on promoting and upholding consciousness of these issues on the Woodstock campus.


TRIBE, (traditions, religion, ideas, beliefs, explored), a passage offered by the Centre, allows students to engage in valuable discussions in a safe, welcoming environment regarding ideas pertinent to our increasingly diverse, multicultural, and non-binary world. Through emphasis on understanding, empathy, and global civics, students are encouraged to value, rather than fear our differences, while learning more about themselves and the world around them.


What’s next