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Woodstock students hike to Bear Hill

15 Sep Take a hike

Woodstock middle years students embarked on a series of hikes last weekend to seven locations; Bhadraj via Cloud End, Benog Tibba from Hathi Paon, Top Tibba, Pepperpot peak via Kimoi, Khattapani Toll to Chowk Bazaar via Childers, Surkhanda Devi and Bear Hill. All middle years students participated in the hikes,...

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04 Oct From The Tiger- Hikes!

Hikes! “Oh how will we make it?” [caption id="attachment_4889" align="alignright" width="200"] Hiking at Woodstock School[/caption] Long, tough and tiring hikes. Before them, people say, “Oh how will we make it?” During the hike, students ask how much time it will take to arrive at the destination. All students have to wear or carry...

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