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Mussoorie Half Marathon

"For me, running isn't competition. Running is a space to breathe, or more than breathe, pant in air and be real. I want to be real more than anything else, and in days encased in concrete and screens, that realness keeps me grounded." Shanti Mathias, Woodstock student Early on the morning...

Win Mumby 2016 girls final
Win Mumby Tournament results

The Modern School and Motilal Nehru School of Sports are tournament champions    The seventeenth annual Win Mumby all India basketball tournament culminated with dramatic finals on Saturday, which commenced with a special performance from The 11 Garhwal Rifles Military Band and their bag pipers from Dehradun. The Modern School, New Delhi, won the...

Win Mumby results – day one

The Win Mumby tournament opened yesterday with a special pep rally featuring Woodstock School’s Jazz Band and dance performances from Woodstock students. The tournament was officially opened by special guest and basketball legend Vishesh Bhriguvanshi of India’s men’s basketball team. There was a great spirit of friendly competition throughout, with three...