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Plants in hands - social enterprise picture
Seven Inspiring Indian social entrepreneurs

Woodstock student Shanti Mathias shares some of the changemakers who have fired her interest in social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship can be an incredible force for change. Essentially, it uses business models to make a difference to social problems - poverty, illiteracy, lack of access to basic services or even a regular income....

Interns at the Centre for Imagination
Being the change we wish to see

Internships at the Centre for Imagination The Centre for Imagination is excited to announce our first team of student interns, whose work will include planning, publishing and hosting events, as well as helping meet the needs of visiting scholars, scientists, and artists. In addition, interns will practice design thinking and project...

Himalayan mountain view
Why I Aspire: Tanashya Batra

Woodstock student Tanashya Batra shares her motivation for getting involved in Aspire, our new social entrepreneurship summer programme. Aspire is an initiative of the Centre for Imagination in collaboration with the curriculum advisory group. I am Tanashya Batra, a senior at Woodstock School. I am one of the people who worked on...

Community Engagement Semester Summary

We look back at the impact of Woodstock's Community Engagement programme over the last semester, to see what a difference it's made to the school's local community. A note from Mrs Sanjaya Mark, the Director of Community Engagement at Woodstock It has been pleasing to see that students at Woodstock are now able to...

Aspire conference
This is Aspire

Woodstock Student Shanti Mathias introduces Aspire, our new summer school programme for budding social entrepreneurs.  Woodstock School has a long-term commitment to community service. This has led to some extraordinary achievements of student innovation in leadership roles. But what if there was a way to spread the advantages of the Community Engagement...

The panel at Talking Faith for Peace
Talking Faith for Peace

Woodstock student Taarini Gupta writes about Talking Faith for Peace, a special event bringing together speakers from some of India's major religions. On 26th November 2016, an event which deeply inspired me and changed my views about religion and faith took place in Woodstock School's Parker Hall. Organised by the Centre for...

Sharing with Samvedna

Last Saturday three volunteers from Samvedna, the centre for children with mental and physical disabilities in a nearby village, visited Woodstock. They led a training morning for the seven Woodstock students who go to the centre once a week to interact with the children there as part of a Community...

Woodstock student climbing
Divining real potential

“Oh look – she has her father’s nose!” I love listening to the comments people make when they see a new born baby for the first time. Perhaps you can remember some of the comments people made when you children were tiny. As humans we love to look for clues...

Albie Sachs – Freedom fighter and nation builder

Last night at the Centre for Imagination, in keeping with Woodstock’s weekly theme of conflict resolution, a group of students and staff had the privilege of speaking with South African freedom fighter and constitutional judge, Albie Sachs, after screening his TEDx Euston talk.   After surviving a car bombing in 1988...

Mussoorie Half Marathon

"For me, running isn't competition. Running is a space to breathe, or more than breathe, pant in air and be real. I want to be real more than anything else, and in days encased in concrete and screens, that realness keeps me grounded." Shanti Mathias, Woodstock student Early on the morning...