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Photo Gallery

New cafeteria – grand opening

Today was the grand opening of our new, expanded and improved cafeteria. In just 44 days the space has been transformed into a world class space that we hope will be the new heart of the school community. The space has increased by 60% and the new aesthetic embraces the best of...

Sharing with Samvedna

Last Saturday three volunteers from Samvedna, the centre for children with mental and physical disabilities in a nearby village, visited Woodstock. They led a training morning for the seven Woodstock students who go to the centre once a week to interact with the children there as part of a Community...

Mussoorie Half Marathon

"For me, running isn't competition. Running is a space to breathe, or more than breathe, pant in air and be real. I want to be real more than anything else, and in days encased in concrete and screens, that realness keeps me grounded." Shanti Mathias, Woodstock student Early on the morning...

Win Mumby results – day one

The Win Mumby tournament opened yesterday with a special pep rally featuring Woodstock School’s Jazz Band and dance performances from Woodstock students. The tournament was officially opened by special guest and basketball legend Vishesh Bhriguvanshi of India’s men’s basketball team. There was a great spirit of friendly competition throughout, with three...

Win Mumby starts with a bang

This year's Win Mumby All India Basketball Tournament got off to a rousing start with a pep rally including a special performance from the school's Jazz Band and dance routines performed by pupils. Click here to watch live action from the tournament on our special livestream.  [vc_row][vc_column][vc_masonry_media_grid gap="2" grid_id="vc_gid:1478691978263-975ca4f8-cb9b-9" include="22417,22408,22413,22416,22414,22411,22407,22410,22409,22401,22415,22406,22405,22404,22412,22403"][/vc_column][/vc_row]...

Women’s Empowerment

Self-help Groups (SHGs) are self-governed, peer controlled, informal groups of people with the same socio-economic background and have a desire to collectively perform a common goal. Through Woodstock’s Community Engagement program, a group of our students are working alongside a group of 54 women who share the desire to micro-bank....

Activity Week – Rafting Expedition

This Activity Week Woodstock’s entire Grade 8 class ventured to Rishikesh for a rafting expedition on the Ganges, coordinated by the Himalayan River Runners. For our first two days we were based at the Himalayan Hideaway Lodge. At the nearby beach some students kayaked and swam in the river and...

Outdoor education at Woodstock - activity week 2016
Activity Week – Camp Snow Leopard

Our Grade 6 students experienced a whole raft of excitement this activity week at their camp facilitated by Snow Leopard Adventures. From their base in Shivpuri village on the banks of the river Ganges they participated in a range of activities including cycling, rock climbing, hiking, and rafting down to...

Students performing at Woodstock School talent show
Woodstock’s got talent

Our students demonstrated just what an exceedingly talented bunch they are in our Upper Years Talent Show on Friday, which showcased the best of Woodstock's stars of tomorrow. The acts included a singing duet, three solos and a girl band, traditional African dance and a K-Pop group, as well as...

A girl from the deprived area of Sippancoat which is benefitting from the Liter of Light project and Woodstock School.
Sippancoat – Liter of Light

At the far end of Mussoorie lies Sippancoat, a slum community of roughly 50 families. On Wednesday of this week the Woodstock student team that works in Sippancoat had their weekly visit. This time however they were accompanied by three members of our Liter of Light student team. Liter of light...