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19 Feb Quad 2015. Commencement Speech

GRADUATION 2015 by Dr Jonathan Long Three words. That’s all – just three words. Three words which will be reliable guides throughout your life. Three words to pay attention to whenever you lose your way, whenever you need direction, comfort or courage: BENEATH Jesus told a story about two builders. One built his...

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05 Feb Quad 2015. Valedictorian’s Speech

By Eriko Shrestha Mr. Mathews, Dr. Long, Parents, Teachers, Friends, and most importantly, my dearest Ad Astra: One of the things I learnt at Woodstock was to stop caring about my grades and instead learn to satisfy my curiosity. Yet, here I am today, standing with the privilege to address you because...

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Dorothy MacDonald

03 Feb A Long Journey to Woodstock School By Lawrence MacDonald

Lawrence MacDonald visited Woodstock in August 2015. His mother, Dorothy Lockwood and his aunt, Anne Lockwood Romasco studied at Woodstock. When Lawrence arrived at the Alumni Office, he seemed perplexed, almost lost for words and rather emotional. Little did we know why. Talking to him made us realise the poignancy of his visit....

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29 Jan Quad 2015. Baccalaureate Address

By Brian Dunn'89 Honoured guests, proud and supportive parents, dedicated and relieved staff, beloved but annoying siblings, and last but certainly not least, our gorgeous and hard-working graduands… I thank you for the honour of addressing you this evening. The baccalaureate is the sacred service of our graduation traditions here at...

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22 Jan Quad 2015. A Year at the Hanifl Centre.

By Marta Lofesser It has been a year of change and growth at the Hanifl Centre. 2015 kicked off with a new partnership with Aerie Backcountry Medicine, a leading provider of wilderness-medicine courses based out of Missoula, USA. Through this partnership, selected Hanifl Centre and Woodstock School staff members attended a...

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Voices of Woodstock

22 Jan Quad 2015. Voices of Woodstock: A Treasure Trove of Stories

By Ed Beaven [caption id="attachment_20643" align="aligncenter" width="300"] With Woodstock teacher Shonila Chander[/caption] An exciting new oral history archive at Woodstock will preserve memories of the school and Mussoorie for future generations. The project, called Voices of Woodstock, is the brainchild of Middle Years Social Studies teacher Charlotte Swanson. It aims to create an archive...

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