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Student Views

The panel at Talking Faith for Peace

08 Dec Talking Faith for Peace

Woodstock student Taarini Gupta writes about Talking Faith for Peace, a special event bringing together speakers from some of India's major religions. On 26th November 2016, an event which deeply inspired me and changed my views about religion and faith took place in Woodstock School's Parker Hall. Organised by the Centre for...

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19 Feb Quad 2015. Commencement Speech

GRADUATION 2015 by Dr Jonathan Long Three words. That’s all – just three words. Three words which will be reliable guides throughout your life. Three words to pay attention to whenever you lose your way, whenever you need direction, comfort or courage: BENEATH Jesus told a story about two builders. One built his...

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05 Nov MWMF Through the Eyes of Noah, Grade 10

The Draw of the Mountains The first panel on the Writers Festival was on the subject of mountain writing. It had a truly diverse group of people with two writers, a journalist, and an ecologist sitting on it. It was moderated by journalist, author, and director of Global Health Strategies, Amrita...

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