Summer at Woodstock – Afternoon Activities

In addition to our morning courses, students participating in Summer at Woodstock enjoy a range of fun and rewarding afternoon activities. This is just a taste of the activities available, with more to come very soon.

Audio/ Visual Workshop

The Audio-Visual Basics course covers a range of novice topics that are essential to live sound. Students will be taught how to mix the front of house (FOH) and create an FOH and monitor signal chains using hardware and software processing. This course is hands-on and will allow students to experience operating state-of-the-art sound equipment. In addition, students will be taught how to build mixes for musicians and how to monitor wedges in this process. Apart from the practical, students will also get a chance to learn about speakers, amplifiers, their functions, and the science behind this field. They will also be taught the importance of tuning equipment for their intended purpose. Lastly, ear training will be conducted, and students will be taught as well how to use and apply effects. At the end of the course, students will be  equipped with sufficient basic knowledge regarding live sound and will be able to operate sound equipment at a novice level for events and concerts.



Learn to make a range of delicious dishes and mouth-watering baked wares with this afternoon activity. Whether you’re off to college and want to impress your new housemates with your culinary skills, or just want to learn to make healthy delicious snacks, this course is a superb way to learn how to make, bake and create in the kitchen. 




Learn to how to use basic drawing materials like pencils, mixed media, and typography to storyboard and practice drawing different types of characters, facial expressions, body types, costume. The course will teach you to draw interactions of different characters amongst different backgrounds and inculcate the habit of daily sketching to see the world through different lens.



The summer school cycling activity works to help children learn and know by experience that being able to get around on your own by using a bike is fun and gives you freedom and independence – and that the bike is a lifelong source of good experiences. Cycling games are the first step to kick-starting a love for cycling and becoming a safe cyclist.  Cycling and cycling games at summer school are intended mainly for children between the ages of 7 and 14, but many older children with underdeveloped motor skills, will benefit from our cycling and cycling games.



Crafty Funky Jewellery making

Learn how to create funky jewellery with beads of all kinds and string. Using a round-nosed plier, jump rings, and their creative imagination, participants will create charm bracelets, daisy chains, dangle & drop earrings, beaded anklets, dream catchers, beaded bag charms  and friendship bracelets. Their creations will be splashed with colour, using beads of various materials and strings of brilliant colours.  In the end, they will be models of their own creations.




The last two years saw a sudden surge in the number of home chefs! If you are one of them, or have an interest in cooking new interesting mouth watering cuisines, then this is the right activity for you to enrol into. We will teach you from easy-to-make to some gourmet dishes in this course. Yumm!





College Counselling

College Planning still remains an arduous and daunting exercise for many students. This course aims to ease the stress of planning for college through interactive sessions, exercises, fun activities and bringing the efforts to fruition by the end of the program. During this session, we’ll cover the college timeline for high school students, what it takes to be a competitive college applicant, and how to be prepared when the time arrives . We’ll also go over questions every student should be asking of their prospective college and explore what happens behind the scenes – at admissions. We’ll get down to basics, starting with how to begin crafting your essay, dos and don’ts, tips for reducing writing anxiety and how to develop the narrative behind your application and transcripts.



During this course I would like to focus on the basic dance steps and terminology of dance moves. I would also like to focus on the facial expressions which is a very important part of Bollywood dance. This will be a chance for student to learn some desi moves which will vary from blast from the past to the new age Bollywood style of dancing. The idea is to let loose and enjoy their time.



A crash course in the basics of playing guitar for beginners. Students will learn how everything they need to know to take their first steps in guitar, from how to hold the instrument, to basic chords, strumming and picking techniques and how to read and play simple tunes. By the end of the course, participants will be able to give a small recital of songs they’ve learnt and accompany popular songs with simple strumming patterns.



Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is a form of martial art and method of fighting that makes use of few or no weapons and employs throws, holds and submissions to subdue an opponent. The core point of Jiu Jitsu is survival but it can also be used in sports like MMA ( Mixed Martial Arts). During the program, students will learn a variety of techniques on how to effectively control someone on the ground, techniques such as arm blocks, triangle chokes and wrestling take-downs are just some of many that can be used as self defense.



Introduction to Photography & Nature Photography

Learn to use your Digital SLR like a pro. Learn the tips and tricks to take great photographs with a focus on landscape and nature photography. Learn how to use your camera in Manual mode to take great photographs. Learn to build your portfolio and how to start a photography business, work on a photo-essay and a portfolio review. If you are interested in photography as an amateur or a professional or would like to improve your photography skills: you should sign up for this afternoon course.  You will learn the settings of your camera and how to use the camera as a storytelling tool, you will learn how to take well composed photographs as well as learn how to take stunning Landscape images.



Rock Climbing

Students will master a broad range of skills using the tools of climbing such as belaying, rappelling, and multi-pitch climbing. The course will build core and upper body strength and fitness in addition to exposing aspiring climbers to the many tactics climbers use to conserve energy, climb gracefully, and climb relaxed, allowing them to overcome personal limitations.





Participate in variety of team sports within the Gym, learn the basic skills and apply them in game situations The variety of sports will/may include mainstream internationally played sports, indigenous/cultural games and improvised invasion games. The main focus will be to develop social skills irrespective of age and gender through healthy competition.



You hear a lot about method acting these days and wonder what really is so special about this style of acting. Intrigued yet?  Actors use the method acting technique to emotionally connect with the characters they are portraying. With this method, the actor “becomes” the part and regularly plays it for extended periods of time. The actors are taught to experience their actual emotions rather than compartmentalize and fake the ones they need for each scene. As the actors explore and learn about their deep personal depths, method acting becomes a self-explanatory adventure for them.  Actors who use Method acting approaches, frequently observe that their performances become more introspective and unexpected. Join us to learn more.



Toy making

Are you curious, creative and interested in making your very own toys?

In this activity, you will have a chance to make up to three different toys using a variety of mediums, including: yarn, felt, and even socks! All skill levels are welcome, whether you have never touched a needle before, or are an experienced crafter.

After this program, you will not only walk away with your very own hand-crafted toys, but also with the skills needed to continue to bring your own creations to life!When made by hand, a toy is as unique as its owner.



Robotics is a combination of electronics & programming, where students learn the input and output processing of a microcontroller normally motors acting as an output device and sensors as inputs, it works on the basic principle of all computer systems around us. Skills that students will learn are Analog & digital circuits, Sensor calibration & interface and Communication devices like bluetooth & wifi. Additionally driving a robot utilizes a lot of power components like mosfets and other silicon devices known as motor drivers that will help students to move robots in different direction using a joystick or a mobile app.  This will help students understand computational skills & topics like binary systems. 





Whether you’re into music or outdoors, want to develop your entrepreneurial skills or learn art, Summer at Woodstock has a range of programmes to excite and challenge every student.