Woodstock | Summer at Woodstock – Afternoon Activities
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Summer at Woodstock – Afternoon Activities



We thank families from all across the world for their overwhelming response to Summer at Woodstock 2019. The programme is now fully subscribed and we are not able to accept any more applications. Any enquiries for the 2020 programme should be sent to summer@woodstock.ac.in. Thank you for your interest in Woodstock.


Folk Art

Participants in this afternoon activity will learn a range of techniques of traditional Indian folk art and crafts. Tutor Shubhra Chundawat has been teaching for 14 years and has a MA in Sociology and Early Childhood Education from the UK. She actively promotes experimenting with printing, folk art and crafts with her students. She believes that folk and traditional arts serve as vehicles to how we teach and learn-and that they shape how we study and engage those around us.

Guitar – SOLD OUT

A crash course in the basics of playing guitar for beginners. Students will learn how everything they need to know to take their first steps in guitar, from how to hold the instrument, to basic chords, strumming and picking techniques and how to read and play simple tunes. By the end of the course, participants will be able to give a small recital of songs they’ve learnt and accompany popular songs with simple strumming patterns. Tutor Theophilus Benjamin is an experienced guitar teacher, with more than a decade’s experience of teaching all forms of the instrument from beginners to advanced. He is currently a music teacher at Shiv Nadar School, Noida, Indi

Visual Arts

The summer at Woodstock in Visual Arts will be focusing on Art journaling. Each students will keep an artist’s journal: a book kept by an artist as a visual, and sometimes verbal, record of thoughts and ideas. A variety of style, media and technique will be used to create entries, from free-form and expressive compositions to “finished” art products.  Throughout the three weeks, there will also be structured opportunities to gain fundamental sketching, drawing and painting skills by exploring sketching outdoors, studies of natural forms, collage techniques, and portraits. In sum, a fun and intensive course that will leave students with the knowledge and inspiration to start their own art journal and develop their creativity and independence as an artist.


Genevieve has taught Visual Arts in international schools for ten years in Canada, Japan, Indonesia, Hungary, and India. She enjoys creating large scale painting, illustrations, printmaking, and graphic novels. She believes everybody has something unique and special to bring to the world. Her passion is to engage and inspire her students so that they can develop a love for the Arts and a sense of their own potential as artists. Art is a language which should be accessible to everybody, and she supports her students in discovering their own voice and style to express themselves through Visual Arts.

Physical Activity


Develop yourself physically and mentally through the martial art of Karate. Karate-do means ‘the way of the empty hands’ and this maxim of Herodotus captures all of the art of karate: “Force has no place where there is need of skill”. Tutor Maria Rodriguez will be leading the karate afternoon activity, working with students at varied levels, depending on their experience. Maria has practiced karate since she was 17 years old, and obtained her second dan black belt in the year 2006. She participated in five national tournaments as a black belt in Venezuela. Beginners are welcome.


This activity will be run by a team of staff and student interns. Learn how to engage with teams in a fun, interactive way. The Summer at Woodstock Team Building afternoon course will allow participants to learn the integral qualities of a successful team in order to tackle challenging, yet exciting, activities. The course explores the dynamics of leaders and players within a team, enabling participants to identify their positions. We will also learn how to build trust, communication, and other team skills that will help in the future. Additionally, the recreation activities will allow the participants to relax and interact with others.

Rock Climbing – SOLD OUT

Students will master a broad range of skills using the tools of climbing such as belaying, rappelling, and multi-pitch climbing. The course will build core and upper body strength and fitness in addition to exposing aspiring climbers to the many tactics climbers use to conserve energy, climb gracefully, and climb relaxed, allowing them to overcome personal limitations.

Sports – SOLD OUT

The afternoon sports offered during summer school aimed to help students bond over sessions of sports and games. Students get an opportunity to participate in a variety of games with a feel of healthy competition among mixed gender and a range of age groups. It is a fun time for all to practice team work as well as to take out the monotony of classrooms through healthy physical activity. While team sports like soccer, basketball and volleyball will enable healthy team competition, table tennis and badminton will enable them to focus on individual strengths and invasion games will teach them to work as a team to build strategies to enable their team to succeed. Over the past years the afternoon sports sessions have been highly successful where students come under one roof to bring out the best in each other without the pressure to outdo one another.


Tutor Monish John is excited and anticipates students from different parts of the world, bringing in their experiences and skills, developing on what they already know or learn right from scratch. No matter what level they are at, it is going to be a fun filled sporting experience for everyone. As a physical education teacher and a dorm parent Monish is looking forward to interacting with this diverse group of youngsters and learn from what they have to offer.


Film Appreciation

Arti Jain, teacher of the morning Media & Storytelling course and experienced film director, will lead this afternoon activity dedicated to exploring the art of film. Participants will learn a whole new language and set of skills to “read” film, watching a range of classic films from the last century around the world.

Culture and Political Science

Jonathan Seefeldt, teacher of the morning Indian Heritage course, will be leading this afternoon activity exploring the surrounding environment and community, to discover its place in the wider Indian context. Together participants rediscover the history of this remarkable land in order to help understand their potential role in shaping its future. The group will look at key figures, ideas, cultural achievements, and conflicts in order to collectively re-connect with India’s past heritage, present concerns, and future directions.

Science, Technology and Mathematics

Advanced Robotics

This is an extension opportunity for dedicated and experienced students of robotics. Using the LEGO EV3 Mindstorm kit, participants will develop, implement, and experiment with their own individual projects.

Introduction to 3D-printing

An ideal complement to the morning Robotics or Design courses, this afternoon activity will familiarize beginners with the scope and capacity of 3D-printers.  Through the setting of a few simple tasks, learners will gain the skills to comfortably operate a 3D-printer and the associated software.


Whether you’re into music or robotics, strive to improve your language skills in English, French or Spanish, or want to take your athletic prowess to the next level, Summer at Woodstock has a range of programmes to excite and challenge every student.