Summer at Woodstock – Afternoon Activities
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Summer at Woodstock – Afternoon Activities

As well as our morning academic programmes, students participating in Summer at Woodstock’s on campus session enjoy a range of run and rewarding afternoon activities. Students will select their afternoon activities after arriving on campus for Summer at Woodstock.

Socially Distanced Sports

The afternoon sports offered during summer school aimed to help students bond over sessions of sports and games. Students get an opportunity to participate in a variety of games with a feel of healthy competition among mixed gender and a range of age groups. While team sports like soccer, basketball and volleyball will enable healthy team competition, table tennis and badminton will enable them to focus on individual strengths and invasion games will teach them to work as a team to build strategies to enable their team to succeed.


You’ll never forget the thrill of cycling in the Himalayas. The hills make for challenging routes, helping to build technique, fitness and stamina, and every corner offers a fresh view of one of the worlds most majestic mountain ranges.

Visual Arts

Gain fundamental sketching, drawing and painting skills by exploring sketching outdoors, studies of natural forms, collage techniques, and portraits. A fun and intensive course that will leave students with the knowledge and inspiration to start their own art journal and develop their creativity and independence as an artist.


A crash course in the basics of playing guitar for beginners. Students will learn how everything they need to know to take their first steps in guitar, from how to hold the instrument, to basic chords, strumming and picking techniques and how to read and play simple tunes. By the end of the course, participants will be able to give a small recital of songs they’ve learnt and accompany popular songs with simple strumming patterns.


This is an extension opportunity for dedicated and experienced students of robotics. Using the LEGO EV3 Mindstorm kit, participants will develop, implement, and experiment with their own individual projects.


Whether you’re into music or robotics, want to develop your entrepreneurial skills or learn automobile design, Summer at Woodstock has a range of programmes to excite and challenge every student.