Summer at Woodstock – Afternoon Activities
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Summer at Woodstock – Afternoon Activities

As well as our morning academic programmes, students participating in Summer at Woodstock’s Virtual Summer Camp enjoy a range of run and rewarding afternoon activities. This is just a taste of the activities available, with more to come very soon.


Unleash your dramatic talents with this engaging afternoon activity. Learn the fundamentals of core dramatic techniques in a fun and supportive environment. Whether you’re a burgeoning star of the stage, or an absolute beginner, this is a great way to build both your acting skills and confidence levels. The skills you learn on stage are a superb foundation for all sorts of things, from public speaking to presentation skills.

College Application Writing

With intense competition for popular college and university courses, having an exceptional college application is the best way you can stand out from the crowd. Learn how to differentiate your application from all the others – what have you already done that you should highlight, what other extra-curricular activities you can do to support your application, and how to frame your experience and passion for your chosen subject in a way that will make college recruiters pay attention. A great way for students who are going into grades 11 and 12 to get a real head start with their college ambitions.


Get crafty with this hands-on activity, where you’ll learn to make a range of stunning textile creations using rope, weaving and your creativity.

Cooking and Baking

Learn to make a range of delicious dishes and mouth-watering baked wares with this afternoon activity. Whether you’re off to college and want to impress your new housemates with your culinary skills, or just want to learn to make healthy delicious snacks, this course is a superb way to learn how to make, bake and create in the kitchen.


Whether you’re into music or robotics, want to develop your entrepreneurial skills or learn creative writing, Summer at Woodstock has a range of programmes to excite and challenge every student.