Summer at Woodstock – Model United Nations

Course Description

The Model United Nations masterclass will focus on building skills that involve diplomacy, conflict resolution and public speaking. Students will learn how to write impactful position papers, excel in moderated and unmoderated caucuses, and come up with resolutions to real world problems. Attention will also be given to the history of the United Nations, its various committees and their effectiveness on issues. We will also be exploring the Sustainable Development Goals laid out by the UN and ways to achieve them.


This masterclass will be beneficial to both beginners as well as experienced MUN delegates. There will be simulations of General Assembly committees, as well as Specialized Agencies and Crisis Committees.

What skills and knowledge will participants gain through the course?

Students can be absolute beginners with regards to their MUN experience. All they need is an interest in MUN and an eagerness to learn.

Course Description:

Week 1 – Introduction to Model United Nations

  • History and purpose of the United Nations
  • Committees and their functions
  • Writing a position paper
  • Moderated and unmoderated caucuses
  • Rules and procedures

Week 2-Delegate Practice and Conference

  • Writing speeches
  • Opening debates
  • Writing drafts and resolutions
  • Forming alliances
  • Specialized agencies and historical committees
  • Chairing a committee
  • Participating in an MUN conference

AGE RANGE: 12-18 years

DATES: May 27 – June 7, 2024

             July 8 – 19, 2024

COURSE FEES: INR 200,000 (inclusive of GST) along with Application Fee of INR 5,000 (non-refundable)

Who should take this course?

Any student who is interested in even one of the following topics should take this course -international diplomacy, public speaking, global issues, and/or world history!


Whether a student is a seasoned participant in MUNs, or wants to start their MUN journey, this course will cater to their needs taking into consideration their experience and skill levels.