Summer at Woodstock – Leadership
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Summer at Woodstock – Leadership

Become a leader for change

Our Leadership course takes a practical approach to values-based leadership for change. This caters to young people who are passionate about making a positive difference in the world. The course also introduces tools for visioning, planning, and record-keeping. Most importantly, the course helps participants identify for themselves a core set of values to guide decision-making.

“The Leadership course gave me a new perspective about so many things. I got an opportunity to explore myself more and know what goes with me and what doesn’t. I now know that there’s so much more to learn out there in the world and how restricted I was with my thinking.” 2019 participant


Who should take this course?

Anyone who desires to be a positive force for change, who is interested in developing their sense of self and their leadership skills.


Highlights and learning

This course depends on experiential learning to explore leadership. Spending a good deal of time outdoors, we conduct three separate simulations of current global issues. These require participants to experiment, apply their learning, and collaborate. Playfully working through challenging situations offers the chance to acquire resilience, develop flexibility, and learn about living with ambiguity.

Age range – 14-18

Virtual Summer Camp

Two week intensive distance learning session – June 7 to June 18, 2021

Fee for on intensive two-week session: INR 80,000 (inclusive of GST)


Amy Seefeldt

Woodstock alumnus Amy Seefeldt worked as an educator for eighteen years, starting out as a history teacher in Atlanta, Georgia and joining the faculty of Woodstock School in 2008. For six years, from 2010 to 2016, in her capacity as Academic Dean and Deputy Head, Amy worked to preserve what is best about Woodstock School, while infusing the academic programme with new energy, driven by a vision of education as an organic process aimed at enabling and equipping a young person to stand with confidence, integrity, and a sense of profound vocation  -even in a world of continuous change. After earning a Master’s degree in Ecological Design Thinking, Amy returned to Woodstock as the Centre for Imagination’s founding director, opening the Centre in October, 2016. Amy was also a founding director of Summer at Woodstock. In June 2020 Amy moved onto new challenges in South America.

Key Learning

Week One

Who am I?

What do I value?

What is “leadership”?

Why is leadership so critical today?

Leadership styles

Week Two

Comparative approaches

Contexts & choices


Revisiting values

Setting goals & intentions