Summer at Woodstock – Leadership

Become a leader for change 

Our Leadership course takes a practical approach to values-based leadership for change. This caters to young people who are passionate about making a positive difference in the world. The course also introduces tools for visioning, planning, and record-keeping. Most importantly, the course helps participants identify for themselves a core set of values to guide decision-making.

“The Leadership course gave me a new perspective about so many things. I got an opportunity to explore myself more and know what goes with me and what doesn’t. I now know that there’s so much more to learn out there in the world and how restricted I was with my thinking.” - 2019 participant


Who should take this course?

This course will introduce multiple forms of leadership to learners, enabling learners to reflect on their personalities and add new dimensions to become good leaders. Thus this course is for anyone who seeks to be a positive force for change. This course is also for individuals that seek to reflect on their current personality traits and improve themselves.


What skills and knowledge will participants gain through the course?

Through experiential learning, this course will introduce students to many aspects of leadership, such as creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and reflection. Participants will not only understand leadership approaches and processes in detail, but they will also learn soft skills that will enable them to become better individuals and leaders.


Highlights and Course Description

The course will introduce different forms of leadership through experiential learning. The course will also allow participants to identify and reflect on their personalities and to explore various dimensions of leadership through games, outdoor activities and other projects. By being presented with real-life complex problems based on real global issues, participants will be required to experiment, apply their learning, collaborate and develop creative and out-of-the-box solutions to this world’s challenges.


Week One

Understanding Self

What is leadership?


Interpersonal Relationship

Learning to learn

Week Two


Decision Making


Collaboration – Group Work

Real-life Challenges

AGE RANGE: 14-18 years

DATES: May 27 – June 7, 2024

             July 8 – 19, 2024

COURSE FEES: INR 200,000 (inclusive of GST) along with Application Fee of INR 5,000 (non-refundable)


Tilak KC


Tilak completed his bachelor’s in integrated social science and master’s in International Management and Logistics from Jacobs University Germany. He has held multiple leadership positions during his career. He worked as Project Manager for Daimler and Software Trainer for Neusta Software Company and served as President of the Graduate Student Association at Jacobs University. His teams won multiple European Level Business Competitions under his guidance. He has also conducted multiple teacher-trainings in the field of Progressive Education in India. He is a TEDx speaker and is currently leading a team for pre-production of his upcoming feature film. Tilak is teaching Integrated Humanities for Grade 9 students and Business Management for IB Diploma students at Woodstock School.

Shrey Nagalia


Mr. Shrey Nagalia has 15 years of teaching experience across two distinct boarding schools, both of which recognize leadership as a quality to be nurtured amongst students. Mr. Nagalia teaches English Language and Literature, with the irrepressible urge of connecting the books he teaches with music he may have listened to, or movies he may have seen, and of course, any plays he may have watched or directed. He has a Master’s in Education Leadership and often reflects on what it means to be a good leader. Mr. Nagalia loves interacting with students and has also taught a module on ‘Leadership of Thought’ as part of a school summer course. In his interactions, he looks forward to learning just as much as teaching.