Woodstock | Summer at Woodstock – Leadership
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Summer at Woodstock – Leadership

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Become a leader for change

The Summer at Woodstock Leadership course takes a practical approach to values-based leadership for change. Together, we will explore a range of leadership styles and theories of change. The course also takes the time to introduce a set of tools for visioning, planning, and record-keeping, which young people can apply as they seek to lead effectively. Most importantly, the course helps participants identify for themselves a core set of values to guide decision-making.


Who should take this course?

Anyone who desires to be a positive force for change, who is interested in developing their sense of self and their leadership skills.


How will participants be different when they’ve completed this course? What skills or knowledge will they have gained?

Participants will possess a deeper self-awareness. Not only that, but they will have identified a handful of leaders in whose lives they find inspiration. Practically, participants will walk away with a toolkit to guide them through the phases of any leadership role–right from articulating initial aspirations to final reflections.


Why is your experience so relevant for this course?

For six years, I served as Woodstock School’s Deputy Head and Academic Dean. After this time in a traditional leadership role, I began to see leadership in a different light, as an opportunity to bring constructive change where it is needed. In my current role as the Director of Woodstock’s Centre for Imagination, we work to empower young people to take responsibility for shaping their own future, empowering them to navigate the global, systemic challenges ahead.

Age Range: 14-18

Course Timings: 50 hours of instruction


Amy Seefeldt, Director of the Centre for Imagination

Amy has 18 years’ experience as an educator, including six years as Woodstock’s Deputy Head and Academic Dean. She has a MA in Ecological Design Thinking from Schumacher College in the UK. In 2016 Amy founded Woodstock’s Centre for Imagination.