Summer at Woodstock – Theatre Workshop

The primary aim of this workshop is to offer students a holistic theatre education, covering acting techniques, stagecraft, and collaborative creativity


The workshop is designed to encourage active participation, skill development, and the practical application of learned concepts into a culminating Theatre Production.


The Theatre Workshop will be a transformative journey, fostering creativity, self-expression, and the development of critical thinking skills.


What skills and knowledge will participants gain through the course?


  • Skill Development Sessions: Engaging sessions will be led by professional theatre practitioners, covering acting fundamentals, voice modulation, stage presence, and improvisation.


  • Scriptwriting and Storytelling: Students will explore creativity through scriptwriting and storytelling exercises, fostering individual expression within a group dynamic.


  • Rehearsal Process: Participants will actively engage in the rehearsal process, including blocking, character development, and ensemble building exercises, with a focus on collaboration and effective communication.


  • Technical Theatre Workshops: Complementary workshops on technical aspects such as lighting, sound design, set construction, and costume design will provide a well-rounded understanding of the production process.


Final Theatre Production:


The culmination of the workshop will be a grand theatre production presented by the students. This production will showcase the skills and talents they have acquired, providing a platform for them to apply their learning practically. The performance will be open to the inviting parents, friends, and the community to witness the growth and creativity of the participants.


Benefits for Participants:


  • Enhanced acting and theatre skills
  • Improved communication and collaboration abilities
  • Confidence building through public performance
  • Exposure to various aspects of theatre production

AGE RANGE: 14-18 years

DATES: May 27 – June 7, 2024

             July 8 – 19, 2024

COURSE FEES: INR 200,000 (inclusive of GST) along with Application Fee of INR 5,000 (non-refundable)



Louis Bernard


Welcome to the creative world of Louis Bernard, an energetic Head of Theatre and Film Studies at Woodstock School. Holding a Master’s in Philosophy in Media and currently pursuing a Doctorate in Media Studies from Christ University, Louis’s passion for the arts is at the heart of his journey. As an International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP) Theatre and Film teacher, Louis imparts a decade of expertise, supplemented by hands-on training at the British Film Institute in London. Beyond the classroom, Louis has immersed himself in enriching workshops with the National Theatre (London), adding a global perspective to his extensive repertoire. His commitment to fostering artistic exploration and a process-based learning approach creates an environment where every participant is invited to join him on an exciting journey of discovery and artistic expression.