Summer at Woodstock – Experiential Science

Brief Overview

Welcome to Experiential Science, a dynamic summer science program designed for students aged 10-14 who are eager to dive into the world of chemistry, physics and engineering through hands-on, project-based and collaborative learning. From exploring the fundamentals of chemistry and physics to tackling real-world engineering challenges, participants will engage in a variety of activities that stimulate curiosity, foster problem-solving skills, and encourage innovative thinking.


Who Should Take This Course


This program is ideal for young learners who are:

  • Curious about the world of science and how things work.
  • Interested in developing their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Enthusiastic about hands-on projects and learning through experimentation, trial and error, and design process.
  • Keen to collaborate with peers and tackle team-based challenges.
  • Motivated to explore various scientific principles and their applications in engineering and design.


What Skills and Knowledge Will Participants Gain Through the Course


Core Scientific Concepts:


Chemistry: Participants will delve into the basics of chemistry through engaging open-ended experiments where they’ll learn about the application of chemistry principles such as density, energy, and solution chemistry and practices appropriate to their ages and interests.


Physics: A focus on physics will see students exploring buoyancy, forces and thermodynamics as they design, test, and redesign products.


Engineering and Design, Research and Experimentation:


Problem-Solving Projects:  Projects will challenge students to apply their knowledge of physics and engineering to design and construct in a healthy atmosphere of competition.


Innovation in Design: Some projects will integrate science disciplines and engineering, requiring students to innovate and experiment with materials to create effective products, teaching them about thermodynamics, kinetics, and chemical reactions.


Teamwork and Collaboration:


Group Challenges: Activities are structured to encourage teamwork, communication, and collaborative problem-solving, key skills in any scientific or engineering endeavour.


Through numerous projects students will learn the importance of teamwork, share ideas, and refine their approach based on group dynamics and feedback.


Resources for Further Learning:


Participants will have access to a variety of resources, including documents, videos, and lab guides from reputable sources like Woodstock Lab, TED Talks, YouTube educational channels, and the Royal Society, to deepen their understanding and inspire further exploration.

AGE RANGE: 10-14 years

DATES: May 27 – June 7, 2024

             July 8 – 19, 2024

COURSE FEES: INR 200,000 (inclusive of GST) along with Application Fee of INR 5,000 (non-refundable)


Scott Britton, Woodstock School

Scott Britton joined Woodstock in 2018 along with his wife Martha and kids Judah and Liliana. His academic background spans Religious Studies, Secondary Science Education, Sustainable Systems, and Sustainable Agricultural Development, which have provided a path for him to pursue the intersection of belief, ethics, and science in his personal and family life, as well as his teaching. Mr Britton is attracted to science as a human pursuit that engenders awe and wonder, amazement and humility.