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Summer at Woodstock – Afternoon activities

Applications for this year’s Summer at Woodstock programme have closed. If you would like to be kept up to date with the latest news about next year’s programme, please register your interest using the form at the bottom of this page.

Afternoons at Summer at Woodstock are dedicated to a wide range of fun and exciting activities. Whether it’s learning robotics, crafting ceramics, or developing the best possible college application, there’s something to suit every student’s interests. 


Students will get the chance to participate in a different afternoon activity for each week of the summer school. Although with some activities, such as the art and ceramics course, students are encouraged to continue with the activity for both weeks of the programme. In general, students should choose their first two preferences and one back-up option.


To find out more about Summer at Woodstock’s morning academic programmes, click here.

College Application Writing

Students will learn to mine their personal experiences for the gems that will set their application essays apart from the crowd. Using the stories that have shaped them into unique individuals, students will walk away from summer school with at least one complete essay and more ideas they can use in the future.


Only 9 places available

Tutor – Meredith Dyson

Meredith Dyson has over 13 years of experience as a literacy specialist and teacher of English literature to all grade levels. Having such a broad understanding of the growth process from beginning writer to college-ready senior enables Meredith to challenge and writers at every level and help them reach their personal goals. Most recently Meredith has focused on teaching 12th graders and preparing them to be successful in college. She is excited to bring this perspective to the summer school programme as she helps students take their college essays from drab to fab!


Participate in variety of team sports within the Gym, learn the basic skills and apply them in game situations The variety of sports will/may include mainstream internationally played sports, indigenous/cultural games and improvised invasion games. The main focus will be to develop social skills irrespective of age and gender through healthy competition.


Only 5 places available

Tutor – Monish John

Working with youngsters excites Monish the most. Learners at this age are most receptive to learning new skills and apply them to practical use. Monish is excited and anticipates students from different parts of the world, bringing in their experiences and skills, developing on what they already know or learn right from scratch. No matter what level they are at, it is going to be a fun filled sporting experience for everyone. As a physical education teacher and a dorm parent Monish is looking forward to interacting with this diverse group of youngsters and learn from what they have to offer.

Rock climbing

Students will master a broad range of skills using the tools of climbing such as belaying, rappelling, and multi-pitch climbing. The course will build core and upper body strength and fitness in addition to exposing aspiring climbers to the many tactics climbers use to conserve energy, climb gracefully, and climb relaxed, allowing them to overcome personal limitations.


Only 11 places available

Tutor – Tobias Tillemans

Tobias Tillemans has been rock climbing and teaching climbing for more than a decade, and has climbed around the world including the Himalayas, Andes, and extensively in the United States. He enjoys the moments a student solves a tricky climbing problem, practices a new rope skill, or masters a new climbing technique. Climbing can help students gain confidence through personal challenge, an aspect of the sport Tobias finds particularly valuable.


A fun and engaging space where participants will explore, learn, and build robots with the LEGO EV3 Mindstorms kit. Participants will learn how to program and implement the algorithms that control adequately a robot with the purpose of solving real life problems. The projects enclosed within the course will gradually present the participants with increasing complexity of mechanics, algorithms, and electronics systems and will prompt to look for solutions to real life problems in fields such as biology and engineering.


Sorry – robotics is fully booked

Tutor – Dr Ruben Pinzon

Ruben D. Pinzon is a Maths and Design teacher at Woodstock School who works with high school students to explore, discover, and appreciate the world of statistics and robotics. After spending four years in Japan creating artificial brains for robots and a year in Taiwan teaching High and Middle school students robotics, Dr. Pinzon knows what truly makes a course in robotics a fun, engaging, and meaningful experience. He believes that acquiring the set of skills necessary for building a robot prepares students for the future workplace while nourishing their inner curiosity. Dr. Pinzon has written more than twenty peer reviewed publications in the field of robotics, neuroscience, and engineering as well as participated at international robotics competitions. In addition to his extensive practical and research experience, Dr. Pinzon is a trained and passionate teacher. Dr. Pinzon holds a PhD degree in Computer Science with majors in Neuroscience and Robotics from Chubu University in Japan.

Art and Ceramics

The art and ceramics course taught will combine two dimensional and three dimensional design into an intense two week session. Students will explore drawing, painting, and sculpture, while building a deeper understanding of methods and skills. The class will also have an opportunity to learn about contemporary artists as well as those who have created movements from the past!

Students who choose this activity will ideally participate in it for both weeks of the summer school.


Only 5 places available

Tutor – Adam Hubbard

Adam Hubbard is very excited to have been invited to lead the art part of the summer programme. Adam is excited primarily because it gives him great pleasure to get students to express themselves and experiment with a variety of mediums. Adam feels confident with having 26 years of teaching art to and wide and diverse group of students which spans from Kindergarten to college!

Team Building

The Team building course will ask participants to reflect on their leadership styles and problem-solving techniques in a group setting through a series of games, discussions, and team challenges.


Only 1 place available

Tutor – Kirsten Pike (KP)

KP has led outdoor trekking, sea kayaking, climbing, and camping trips with teenagers over the past 20 years. She believes challenge creates growth and self-reflection, and she relishes the group dynamic that arises from these experiences. She looks forward to teaching the secrets of team dynamics and leadership styles to participants in the programme this summer.


A crash course in the basics of playing guitar for beginners. Students will learn how everything they need to know to take their first steps in guitar, from how to hold the instrument, to basic chords, strumming and picking techniques and how to read and play simple tunes. By the end of the course, participants will be able to give a small recital of songs they’ve learnt and accompany popular songs with simple strumming patterns.


Only 3 places available

Tutor – Theophilus Benjamin

Theophilus Benjamin is an experienced guitar teacher, with more than a decade’s experience of teaching all forms of the instrument from beginners to advanced. He is currently Guitar and Music Theory teacher at Good Shepherd International School, Ooty, India.

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