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Education Matters

Happy students on Holi
Happiness is the Truth

A group of parents were once asked, “If you could wish one thing for your child when they leave school, what would it be?” Their answers showed a remarkable degree of consensus - most parents wished that they could grant their children 'happiness'. I’m sure this is a wish we...

Woodstock teacher and students
To understand and to be understood

It’s not hard to find distressing news. From the horrors of war to stories of greed and corruption, there’s plenty to be distressed about! This week I’ve also read disturbing news of increased instances of racially, sexually and ethnically discriminatory language and behaviour on school and college campuses around the...

Climbing at Khanda near Woodstock
Climbing Khanda

For Woodstock’s budding climbers, our indoor climbing wall is a world class facility on which to hone their skills. But nothing stretches their abilities like venturing out into the wilds and facing the challenges of climbing a in the great outdoors. Here some of the participants share their experience of the...

Tokyo Math Diary

Last week six Woodstock students set off to Japan to compete against some of Asia's greatest mathematical minds. They documented their adventures in the land of the rising sun with a daily diary.   The North East Asia Mathematics Competition (NEAMC) is an annual international mathematics competition aimed at students aged 15...

Dayara Bugyal trek team photo
Faith, Trust, and a Dash of White-stuff

Mix 23 students and a Himalayan winter wonderland and you've got a recipe for excitement and adventure. Woodstock student Kahini Dhoat writes about her expedition to one of India's most beautiful alpine meadows.   On Friday 24 Feb, a bunch of Woodstock students and staff departed for a weekend trip to Dayara Bugyal,...

International Mother Language Day

On International Mother Language Day, Head of ESL John Robertson explains why the acquisition of a second language should never be a replacement for your mother tongue.   A diverse linguistic community In 1999, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) director declared February 21st to be International Mother Language Day,...

Himalayan mountain view
Why I Aspire: Tanashya Batra

Woodstock student Tanashya Batra shares her motivation for getting involved in Aspire, our new social entrepreneurship summer programme. Aspire is an initiative of the Centre for Imagination in collaboration with the curriculum advisory group. I am Tanashya Batra, a senior at Woodstock School. I am one of the people who worked on...

Aspire conference
This is Aspire

Woodstock Student Shanti Mathias introduces Aspire, our new summer school programme for budding social entrepreneurs.  Woodstock School has a long-term commitment to community service. This has led to some extraordinary achievements of student innovation in leadership roles. But what if there was a way to spread the advantages of the Community Engagement...

Keeping the big picture in perspective

A few weeks ago, members of the Woodstock Class of 1981 returned to campus for their 35th reunion. During their visit, the class had a discussion with our 12th Graders. The students' questions (and the answers from the Class of ’81) ranged from the amusing to the profound. One question...

A place to learn

The word 'pedagogy' comes from the ancient Greek language and literally means 'to lead the child'.  Today, the word is used to refer to the method and practice of teaching.  There is a phrase which I often think of when I walk around our campus.  It is the phrase, 'pedagogy...