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Community Development

Students improve quality of farming for villagers

Students from one of Community Engagement's most successful projects, Professional Development for Farmers, speak about their experience; What they have done this semester, what this has achieved, and how it has impacted their own lives.   What is the Professional Development for Farmers Project? "In 2015, as part of Activity Week, a group...

Anshu Gupta, GOONJ founder
We interview GOONJ founder Anshu Gupta

Anshu Gupta, aka the clothing man, is founder of pioneering Indian NGO GOONJ. We were lucky to have him visit this week and share his knowledge and experience with our students.   Pragya Mittal, Woodstock Student and member of our community development team, took the opportunity to interview Anshu about GOONJ, its...

Days for Girls teams up with Community Development

Our Community Development programme is working with Days for Girls to provide sustainable feminine hygiene solutions and health education. Because when girls and women have health, education and opportunity, communities and our world are stronger.   Days for Girls is an NGO which aims to provide sustainable feminine hygiene solutions to all girls and women. When a group...

Community Engagement Semester Summary

We look back at the impact of Woodstock's Community Engagement programme over the last semester, to see what a difference it's made to the school's local community. A note from Mrs Sanjaya Mark, the Director of Community Engagement at Woodstock It has been pleasing to see that students at Woodstock are now able to...

Sharing with Samvedna

Last Saturday three volunteers from Samvedna, the centre for children with mental and physical disabilities in a nearby village, visited Woodstock. They led a training morning for the seven Woodstock students who go to the centre once a week to interact with the children there as part of a Community...

Women’s Empowerment

Self-help Groups (SHGs) are self-governed, peer controlled, informal groups of people with the same socio-economic background and have a desire to collectively perform a common goal. Through Woodstock’s Community Engagement program, a group of our students are working alongside a group of 54 women who share the desire to micro-bank....

A girl from the deprived area of Sippancoat which is benefitting from the Liter of Light project and Woodstock School.
Sippancoat – Liter of Light

At the far end of Mussoorie lies Sippancoat, a slum community of roughly 50 families. On Wednesday of this week the Woodstock student team that works in Sippancoat had their weekly visit. This time however they were accompanied by three members of our Liter of Light student team. Liter of light...