Summer at Woodstock

Learning, Life, Fun and Friendship


Summer at Woodstock combines academic exploration with the energy and excitement of a summer camp. Through a range of courses, master teachers strengthen participants’ academic foundations for college and career. We create a powerful and unique sense of community through living and learning with diverse staff and peers from around the world. Our courses encompass some of the best of the Woodstock School educational experience.


Student’s will choose any one of the course offerings out of the 7 offered to enter into the program. Each course has an age criteria and students have to elect the course accordingly. This course is taught every morning for 200 minutes. Further, the student will be offered two more courses in the afternoon which are activity-based and taught on alternative days. Then there are social and recreational activities planned for students in the evening. Over the weekends, students will engage in outdoor/ sports activities.


The total cost of the programme is INR 2,00,000 (inclusive of GST) and non-refundable application fee of INR 5,000.

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Courses Offered


  • Art in the Himalayas
  • English Masterclass
  • Leadership
  • Model United Nations
  • Music Composition and Production
  • Outdoor Living Skills
  • Theatre Workshop
  • Indian Music Appreciation


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