Summer at Woodstock – Frequently Asked Questions
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Summer at Woodstock – Frequently Asked Questions

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The fee includes tuition for all courses and activities provided at Summer at Woodstock.



The fee includes accommodation provided at the Woodstock dorms. Participants will have Woodstock dorm parents assigned to look after their pastoral needs.



We try and cater for all tastes, as well as a range of dietary requirements.  The information packet participants will receive by early May will collect this important information to shape our planning. The programme includes all meals and snacks in the morning, afternoon, and evening.


Medical Services

Woodstock has an equipped Health Centre that has professional medical staff available 24/7 who are able to support students with many medical needs.  When required, a local hospital near the school can address minor injuries. For any major illnesses and emergencies that cannot be addressed in Mussoorie, Woodstock uses the services of Max Super Specialty Hospital in Dehradun. Please note that hospitalisation charges are not included in the Summer at Woodstock fees.



All participants will be provided bed linens, towels, pillows and blankets during their stay for the summer programme.


Educational Supplies

All participants will be provided educational supplies and materials during the Summer Programme.


Weekend Excursions and Trips

Various excursions and class related trips will be organised for participants over the weekend.

When can we arrive at Woodstock?

Parents will to drop their children directly at Woodstock School on the Sunday before the programme begins. We will be hosting a welcome reception for parents to meet each other, take a tour, and get a sense of the school. Following the reception, participants will move into their rooms and be fully engaged with the programme for the next two weeks.


Road map of Mussoorie


Click here to view Woodstock School’s location on Google Maps.


Do I need a Visa?

Participants who are not Indian, Bhutanese, or Nepali nationals require a student visa, issued by the local Indian Consulate General or its associated visa agency. The school is happy to support this application process through providing a letter and a copy of the school’s registration. A scanned copy of the participant’s passport is required by Woodstock in order to issue these documents. Please do not hesitate to email for support in applying for visas.


Checklist for visa applicants

  1. Scanned copy of participant’s passport emailed to
  2. Receipt of letter from Woodstock for application process with consulate
  3. Receipt of Woodstock school’s registration for application process with consulate

Do I need to bring pocket money?

We do ask that a small amount of pocket money is brought for any gifts to take home or tuck shop sweets, or to spend at the airport while waiting for flights. We suggest bringing no more than INR 2,000. If required, Foreign currency may be exchanged at the Delhi airport. In addition, there are two ATMs on the Woodstock campus.


What shall I pack?

A complete list will be included in the information packet participants will receive in early May.


Should I bring my own laptop or tablet?

You should bring your own laptop or tablet.


Will I have a roommate?

Yes, you will have roommate/roommates. Boys and girls are accommodated in separate dorms. Rooms are allocated at the school’s discretion.


What about technology?

You will have access to wi-fi connectivity on campus 24 x 7. We do however insist that students turn in all electronic devices to dorm parents every night.


Can I call my parents?

Due to the terrain, we do not get a great cellphone coverage on some areas of campus. But you will be able to call your parents between 6 to 7 pm every day.


What about my laundry?

A laundry service will be supplied as per students requirements.


What you need to know about the first day of Summer at Woodstock?

Students will have an orientation session on the first day of Summer at Woodstock where they will be provided with a welcome packet including their schedule and other essential information.


Will my child be safe at Woodstock?

Being an international school, Woodstock has 24/7 security all around our campus. We have a strict child protection policy that we seriously adhere to, and it is followed at all times. All staff are required to read and sign this policy before they are contracted. All staff, including external providers, undergo a background check as part of our statutory procedures.


Course Content queries

If you have any questions specific to a programme, logistics or general query about the summer programme, please email,in


Dates of the summer programme

Students must arrive on Sunday 6 June, with courses beginning on Monday 7 June. Courses finish on Friday 18 June and students can be collected on the evening of Friday 18 June or Saturday 19 June.



Click here for details of our fee structure.


The On Campus session programme fees cover:

  • Tuition for all major courses and activities
  • Meals and accommodation
  • Medical services at Woodstock’s Health Centre (hospitalisation services are excluded)
  • Bed linens, towels, pillows, and blankets
  • Educational supplies and materials
  • Weekend excursions and class-related trips.

Register you Interest

If you’re interested in finding out more about Summer at Woodstock, please complete this form to register your interest. At this stage, you are not making any commitment – but our team will be in touch with more information about the programmes and activities on offer.


If you are already ready to apply, you can skip the registration stage and go straight to the application process.


Complete the Application Form

If you’re ready to apply, please complete the Application Form. Applications to the On Campus session are subject to a non-refundable application fee of INR 2,000 (approximately USD 27). There is no application fee for the distance learning sessions. Please note that submission of the application form and fee does not confirm admission into the programme.


Once your application form has been received, the Summer at Woodstock team will reach out to understand each applicant’s passions and interests. Each application appears before an admissions committee to determine that the programme is the best fit for the applicant and whether they will be able to use this opportunity to learn and grow in a diverse residential environment. In some cases, instructors, counselors, or dorm parents may interview applications for clarification. Parents may also request interviews for their children. The Summer at Woodstock team will confirm by email whether your child has been selected to attend the programme. We will then work with you on next steps of the process


Click here to apply. Payment of the INR 2,000 application fee for the On Campus session should be made by bank transfer. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept cash for fee payments.


If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, please email us at