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02 May Students improve quality of farming for villagers

Students from one of Community Engagement's most successful projects, Professional Development for Farmers, speak about their experience; What they have done this semester, what this has achieved, and how it has impacted their own lives.   What is the Professional Development for Farmers Project? "In 2015, as part of Activity Week, a group...

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Aspire conference

30 Jan This is Aspire

Woodstock Student Shanti Mathias introduces Aspire, our new summer school programme for budding social entrepreneurs.  Woodstock School has a long-term commitment to community service. This has led to some extraordinary achievements of student innovation in leadership roles. But what if there was a way to spread the advantages of the Community Engagement...

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07 Dec Sharing with Samvedna

Last Saturday three volunteers from Samvedna, the centre for children with mental and physical disabilities in a nearby village, visited Woodstock. They led a training morning for the seven Woodstock students who go to the centre once a week to interact with the children there as part of a Community...

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Employees' Day celebratoins

24 Nov Employees’ Day celebrations

Yesterday, Woodstock acknowledged the much appreciated contribution of its employees with the annual Employees' Day celebration. The day's events are organised by a committee of staff members and students, and Woodstock students and staff members take on the school's employees' responsibilities so they can take part in fun activities. The afternoon started with sports on...

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28 Oct Women’s Empowerment

Self-help Groups (SHGs) are self-governed, peer controlled, informal groups of people with the same socio-economic background and have a desire to collectively perform a common goal. Through Woodstock’s Community Engagement program, a group of our students are working alongside a group of 54 women who share the desire to micro-bank....

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A cow looks on at a traditional Garhwali village house in Dunda

25 Aug Development outreach visit

Earlier this week students from our DOST team (Development Outreach Student Team) had their first trip this school year to Dunda village, as part of Woodstock's community engagement programme. They sat down with the residents and gave their project proposals. Each project was approved by the community which means we...

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