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Education Matters

01 Sep Flaming soundwaves

Our Grade 8 students watch sound waves come to life using a Rubens' Tube in Mr Nagarwalla's science class. The apparatus - essentially a perforated tube with a speaker at one end and a gas supply at the other - demonstrates acoustic standing waves. As the sound's frequency changes, so...

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21 Aug Net result

Win Mumby Gym has been host to two inter-schools badminton tournaments of late. Last week the boys had the opportunity to test their talent against other local schools, and this week it was the girls' turn. Students across the whole range of ages from Grades 6-12 competed, putting up a...

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17 Aug Bhangra beat

This year's Indian cultural week theme celebrates Punjabi culture, with entertainment provided by Heera Entertainment, a dance troupe from Jalandhar. The dancers entertained middle years on Monday night, upper years on Tuesday and put on a special performance for local schools and community groups on Wednesday. Woodstock students young and old...

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17 Aug Independence Day

On 15 August the whole Woodstock community came together to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of India's independence. Our special guest speaker for the day was Dr. Sidharth Luthra, Senior Advocate and one time Additional Solicitor General for India at the Supreme Court. He gave an inspiring speech about the Constitution of...

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Learning geometry through pacman

10 Aug Four Square Transformation Pac-Man

Bringing together mathematics, an iconic 1980s video game and perhaps the Quad's best-loved institution, Four Square Transformation Pac-Man is a terrific way to engage students in transformation geometry. Each group is students is split into two teams, with one trying to 'eat' the dots on the board while avoiding being caught by...

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Discussing Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

08 Aug Democratic learning

A Harkness discussion on Truman Capote's In Cold Blood The concept of non-fiction as great literature is something Grade 11 English students are exploring with this summer's reading, Truman Capote's In Cold Blood. In this graded discussion they are considering the notion of truth in the American author's seminal true crime novel. Students discussed an interview...

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UY Interdisciplinary Art Aug 2017

08 Aug Art of the possible

Interdisciplinary Art enables students from grades 10-12 to experience and become more fluid across a range of different artistic mediums. It challenges students to stretch their skills and explore combining mediums and their thinking around them, particularly when working with techniques that are new to them. Teacher Adam Hubbard has worked...

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