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Education Matters

14 Sep In the running

Tuesday saw our running teams compete against schools in the Wynberg Allen Cross Country Invitational. The contest included five girls' teams - Mussoorie International School, Tibetan Home School, Waverly Convent School, Wynberg Allen School and Woodstock - and four boys' teams - Welham Boys School, Tibetan Home School, Wynberg Allen School and...

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12 Sep Uplifting experimentation

AP Physics 1 students shifted from the lab to the climbing room to conduct a real life investigation centered on a ‘crevasse rescue’ of a climbing partner. Drawing on teacher Stephen Anderson's mountaineering experience, and with the support of the Hanifl Centre team and our new outdoor coordinator Mallikarjun, they...

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12 Sep Downhill fast

Middle years students were tasked with putting their design skills to the test by developing gravity powered vehicles. The challenge, an integrated project of Mr Daniel and Mr Schumacher's design and science classes, enabled students to demonstrate their understanding of vehicle systems and how a vehicle’s form affects its overall...

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08 Sep World of opportunity

A key part of a Woodstock education isn't just what you do while you're here, but what you go on to achieve afterwards. For the vast majority of our graduates, the next step in their learning journey is to go on to study overseas, including seven in ten going to North...

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08 Sep Cracking eggs-periment

How do you drop an egg from the Quad balcony without breaking it? That was the challenge Grade 5 students have faced over recent weeks as part of a science project. After designing and making a vessel to protect their eggs on the way down, they launched their creations into...

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08 Sep Climbing the walls

The Himalayas may be the ultimate challenge for climbers and mountaineers the world over, but you've got to start somewhere. Our climbing wall provides a safe, controlled environment in which students can hone their skills and develop ability. And once they're ready, we're in the right spot to help them...

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